Anti-Semitic exhibition that was sponsored by Norwegian Church Aid removed after student protests

Yesterday we reported on an anti-Semitic exhibition at Nesbru High School, and how the school, at the time the local newspaper – Budstikka – wrote the story, had not yet decided whether or not to remove the entire exhibition. brings us the latest developments (unauthorized translation):

Demonization of Israel removed after student protests

Published: Thursday 20 October 2011
By Conrad Myrland
The annual solidarity project between Nesbru high school in Asker and Palestinian schools is exploited by political campaigns to tarnish Israel.

Nesbru High School art exhibition sponsored by the Norwegian Church Aid; The strongest anti-Israeli "piece of art", was this dish, where the Israeli flag is crossed out and the word "murder" spelled backwards and in English

-“October is not a pleasant month to go to school”, a concerned student wrote to  MIFF a few weeks ago. The school project, which is organized by the Norwegian Church Aid, has created an eerie atmosphere for Jewish students at the school before.

This year was worse than ever, as arts and crafts students Tuesday presented a political art exhibit in support of a Palestinian state. The political message did not stop there, but also contained a crossed out Israeli flag and the words “murder” underneath it.

– Each year, posters are made at my school that say “Free Palestine”, “Fuck Israel” or the like, but this made me really shocked, a Norwegian-Israeli student at the school writes to MIFF.

As a rule students return [from field trips] with horror stories that cast Israel and the Jewish people in a very negative light, unaccompanied by counter-arguments or nuances.

When the girl’s reaction to the art exhibition was discussed with the school management, she was initially met with rejection.

– We were not met with any understanding, says the student. “This is the general line of thinking,” one leader at the school is said to have responded.

Wednesday Budstikka – a local newspaper – wrote about the exhibition, and the news was later spread across the country through the news agency NTB.

The media attention may have been instrumental in facilitating a change of heart , because today the art exhibition was removed, the student said.

“In violation of Norwegian law”
– My school  is involved in open racism, propaganda and anti-Semitism. As an Israeli I feel personally offended. How should I, a “Jew”, be able to feel comfortable at a school that encourages its students to not only hate, but also kill Israelis? the student wrote to MIFF Tuesday night.

The  “piece of art” in question was included in a student exhibition, which was organized on initiative school staff. The pupil reacted strongly to what appeared to be the school’s support of the art exhibition.

– Can you imagine the upheaval if it had been the other way around, that a Palestinian flag was violated in this way? It would have been chaos, wrote the student.

– The school is no place for politics. When the school teaches its students to hate Jews, it is no wonder there are so few Norwegians who support Israel. My school incapable of viewing this conflict from two sides, but feeds the students at Nesbru with pro-Palestinian propaganda. What happens at my school is against Norwegian law, the pupil said.

According to the Penal Code section 135a “any person who willfully or through gross negligence publicly puts forward a discriminatory or hateful speech, can be punished by fines or imprisonment up to 3 years”. The Law also states: “Hate speech includes the use of symbols. Complicity is punishable in the same way.”

– My school is simply engaged in pure racism , and it’s really not OK, the pupil said.