Annual Telethon: some Christians call for boycott of Norwegian People’s Aid – talkback comments reek of anti-Semitism

The annual NRK telethon this year donates the funds collected to the Norwegian People’s Aid and their work to clear land mines, explosive devices left after war and conflict.

The Telethon is a source of national pride, and billions of Kroner have been collected over the years, to in some small measure help ameliorate harsh conditions that unfortunately is a reality for the majority of the worlds inhabitants.

This year, several newspapers have informed of an initiative started by a woman on the southern tip of Norway, who sent text messages to friends and contacts, asking them to not give any money to the Norwegian People’s Aid, because they are anti-Semites

In response to the last 10 years anti-Semitic attitudes from the Socialistic Left organization Norwegian People's Aid, will we, the friends of the Jews, turn our backs on them this Sunday. We want to tell them what we think of them, but at the same time make it clear that we give our donation to another organization. Lets show our attitude together and forward this message to other people you know. Kind regards from friends of the Jewish People.

The long and the short of it, the message was sent wide and afar, ending up at some point with a journalist at Fædrelandsvennen, and from there it was picked up by other papers.

The papers’ own reporting on this, can only be said to have been factual, correct and therefore unproblematic.

However, reading talkbacks, your hair just wants to stand on end for the sheer hate speech allowed there, which makes the “safety rules” introduced after 22/7, to avoid flaming speech (you must register with full name), look pretty toothless.

Here is what a man called Jon Tønnesen felt like sharing:

Great! Lest just rather give the money to a facist occupying force (Israel) And I am pretty fed up with people throwing around the anti-Semitism card every time somebody criticizes Israels ways to handle itself. There are many more semites than only Jews. And just because you do not agree with Israels policies, it is not therefore given that you automatically are against the Jews. Its enough whining about the Holocaust and that all gentiles hate the Jewish people. If the  State of Israel had behaved like humans, maybe the contempt for them would have been less.  I recommend reading John Pilgers “Palestine is still the Issue”, and Yoav Shamirs “Hashmatsa” (“Defamation” in English (and yes, it is written by an Israeli Jew). Enough is enough

Very charming, and a great example of classic anti-Semitism from the word go! I wonder if this Jon character did notice that the Jews had nothing to do with the matter, so why he works himself up into such a frenzy is quite frankly incomprehensible.

Another person who were allowed to leave his trash was Nico Swann:

As a fair minded person, I think it is tragic that there actually are people who can bring themselves to sympathize with probably the only state in the world that does just what it pleases, be it occupation, torture, or human right. And all of this because some bard in another time who wrote a book many thousand years ago, and the fatal emistake the UN made in 1947 when they approved a state for some of historyæs most egotistic and hateful people, the planet has ever seen. An itsy-bitsy people with a micro language which basically runs the whole world, and the USA is the greatest lapgod of all.

It is probably safe to assume that Nico would not know up-side down of a milk bottle, even if it was open. You cannot fault people for their lacking faculties, but I do expect a very high standard from a newspaper that warns its readers that

Dear reader. We are very keen to have your participation, arguments, points of view on our articles.Here at Fædrelandsvennen you have to identify with full name. We are sure this will make the discussion more open and interessant. Threats, harassment and hateful messages have no place here. False names and profiles are banned. has many readers, remember this when you write. the rules to our debate forum is found HERE.

Most political leaders have condemned the boycott call. So has the Israeli embassy, who felt it was necessary to respond to the matter by writing a mail to Fædrelandsvennen, stating that

The telethon is not a time to discuss political disagreements, but to support humans in need. Israel respects the important work of clearing mines, to save children, women and men from unnecessary injuries after wars and conflicts all over the world,

Personally, just in case somebody wondered, I thought the call for boycott was ill advised. I have a huge problem with the Norwegian People’s Aid, which stems from younger years when I was active in the Red Cross Rescue Teams, and the blatant political pressure that was going currency at any NPA event – in your face and disrespectful of people who do not share their particular brand of politics. Then it of course matters that in relation to the ME conflict, the NPA is anything but neutral, and the political demagoguery to be heard at NPA events is quite disheartening.

But. The Norwegian People’s Aid runs an impressive organization in clearing mines, anywhere, for anybody. They are simply eminently good at it and provide fundamental transfer of knowhow and technology to people whose bad luck it is to live literally in the killing fields of war.

I dont think it is wise to cut off my nose to spite my face, and in a country where the mere mentioning of the name Israel can make people go so completely off the hinges as shown in two of the examples cited above, these persons might have used their resources and wit somewhat more focused.

As it turned out, the Israeli embassy had to issue a official statement to say that they supported the Telethon. This, if anything. proves that Norwegians indeed have a difficult relationship, not only with Israel, but equally dodgy with the Jews.

Does anybody really believe that Norway would have to issue similar statements for instance in relation to cleanup operations after damages inflicted by our own arms industry?