45000 killed in skirmishes between Turkey, Kurds since 1985; Turkey chasing PKK in Iraqi territory – world is mum

A tiny sample of the double standard applied to Israel compared to other countries in the world.

VG reports (without showing pictures of dead babies or wailing women) on how Turkish troops and tanks areĀ  chasing PKK fighters (or terrorists, as VG concedes that they are) 20 km deep into Iraq.

The invasion is part of the retaliation for PKK’s attack and killing of 24 Turkish soldiers last week.

The Turkish defense ministry says that the operations mainly take place on Turkish territory.

VG also kindly informs us that approximately 45000 people have been killed in fights between the PKK and Turkey, and that the Kurds want to establish an independent Kurdish state in the contested region.

Where is the UNSC condemnations? Where is EU Ashton with her concerns, where is the worlds’ humanitarian organizations? Where is Blitz? And where is the Norwegian intelligentsia? Shamed into silence for their failure to stand up for Kurdish babies, women and men?