VG has discovered that Gaza poses a threat to Israel

Credit where credit is due!

Celebrated. After the celebrations after the prisoner swap of convicted Palestinians, rocket attacks have resumed

VG is one of the few mainstream newspapers that reported on yesterday’s rocket attack from Gaza and describes how its impact was widely felt in Ashdod, an indication that the explosive load was powerful. The article does not stop there, but details how missiles smuggled from Libya may have gotten into Hamas’s hands and pose a real danger to Israel:

Hamas can attack Israel with Gaddafi missiles

by Lars Akerhaug (AP) New terrorist rockets from the Gaza Strip – Israeli air raids last night. Once again, Wednesday night rockets were  fired from the Gaza Strip hitting the Israeli town of Ashdod. Residents felt the impact,which means that the rocket was powerful, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Israeli F-16 aircrafts responded by attacking what the Israeli defense establishment describe as “terrorist targets” in the Gaza Strip. It is not known who was behind the night’s attack, but according to the Israeli newspaper, Hamas recently  managed to smuggle powerful and advanced Russian missiles into the Strip, via Libya. The weapons must have disappeared from Gaddafi’s weapons arsenal and been smuggled through Egypt to the Gaza Strip. -The Israeli Defense Ministry says in a statement that the terror organization Hamas bears full responsibility for all terror activities originating from the Gaza Strip. Worrying The new arsenal of weapons in Palestinian hands is worrisome. It is assumed that smugglers took advantage of the chaotic situation in Libya to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip. Unguarded The smugglers broke into and helped themselves to large number of weapons from unguarded weapons caches in the aftermath of the last months fighting in the North African country. The anarchy that has characterized the border area between Egypt and Gaza in recent months has also made it easier for smugglers to cross the border.