Klassekampen journalist who wrote a really bad book, takes bad review out on gays, Africans and Jews.

Here is the story on how a failed author and Klassekampen journalist Mimir Kristjansson took it out on gays, Africans and Jews in childish tantrum after stinging book review (Thanks to the reader who sent me the story and translated for me, much obliged!)

Knut Olav Amaas, culture editor in Aftenposten, wrote a short review of Mimir Kristjansson’s first book “The super rich”. Kristjansson is the former leader of the “Red youth”, the youth wing of the “Red party” (the party of the infamous Israel-bashing “Gaza” doctors Gilbert and Fosse who wrote a defaming book about Israel claiming Israel tried to murder s many civilians as possible in Gaza). Kristjansson is also a Klassekampen journalist, the major left newspaper in Norway.

Amaas short review disqualified the book and other reviewers also more or less cut the book by its ankles. Kristjansson reacted to Amaas review, however, with a homophobic, racist, sexist anti-Semtic twitter to Amaas.

The offensive twitter in question has been removed (I suppose the bad press was too much for Klassekampen) but luckily, other blogs have saved copies to go around: I warn you – as I do beg your forgiveness for any offense, the language is insulting and racist in the extreme, but this is the going rate in terms of chic leftie twitter etiquette in Norway:

«Håper @knutolavamas suger negerkuk i helvete som den jødefitta han er #reprise»

«Hope @knutolavamas sucks nigger dick in hell like the Jewish cunt he is #reprise»

Back to the story as my helpful reader has provided:

The twitter to Amaas (A twitter followed by a broad spectrum of the Klassekampen lefty supporters) expressed the opinion that the homosexual male reviewer should perform fellatio on a black/African and linked this to Jews (!!!) with a crude expression for the female genitals. The statement, Kristjansson later explains, is taken from a movie. He does not explain if he expected Amaas to know this or draw some conclusion from the fact that he “took it from a movie”.

Clearly this overreaction to Amaas review, which did not waste too many harsh words on the book, and lack of control of the Klassekampen journalist is a liability to the left wing he represents and to Klassekampen since it can be argued that it exposes the bigotry and deep rooted immaturity of the left.

Aftenposten had a sharp editorial in response to Kristjanssons twitter. Kristjansson, in turn, responds to the editorial basically “admitting” he shot off his mouth but also blaming everyone else with what amounts to “can’t you guys take a joke ?”

The silence from the left is in itself incriminating. The response of Kristjansso further exposes the agenda and cowardly anti-Semitism of the left in Norway.

Not a word from the left. The excuse is as bad as the transgression itself. If a  Klassekampen journalist and “Red” politician can excuse himself with broadcasting racism and anti-semitism as a joke then we don’t need any more reports of mobbing in Norwegian Schools. We don’t need to spend millions of taxpayers money in researching the lefty harrassments and anti-Semitism and why Jewish children are the most harrassed of all ethnic groups.

Good jokes for Klassekampen and followers. Kristjansson elegantly catapulted himself into the top ten list where he competes with Jespersen and Gaarder for “the least credible lefty excuses ever”.

Unauthorized translation of the Aftenposten editorial

Red Racism ?

Klassekampen journalist Mimir Kristjansson has received much attention after he recently released the book “The super-rich”. There the former leader of Red Youth rants about rich peoples sometimes bizarre statements in the public debate. It can certainly often be well-deserved criticism.

In a short review in the Aftenpostens Sunday edition, however, our culture and debate editor pointed out some of the weaknesses of the book. Obviously the author could not take this review. In a remarkable twitter message [my note: to the reviewer Knut Olav Amaas ] Kristjansson associated our reviewer’s name to the word “negro” and “Jew” powered with very popular four-letter words.

It all smelled of both racism and sexism, mixed with an element antisemitism. The twitter message was remarkably ugly.

It is our hope that a prolific journalist and young politician does not have the attitude that his twitter message suggests. Later in the day he humbled himself with the twitter message “Taking my Bee-lips and sets out to Kanossa”. He also blamed the filth to have originally been inspired by a movie.

The latter is very thin defense for a debate culture on absolute lowest level. It ios a lot food for thought that some totally lose touch with decency when operating in the social media. Words, phrases and attitudes that never would come in print, neither of course in klassekampen, suddenly become legitimate in other publishing channels.

This is scary. And a powerful apropos to the debate about the debate that has been going since the 22 July tragedy.

Isn’t this just lovely? However, I wonder if anybody would have batted an eyelid were it not for the fact that it was Aftenposten’s cultural editor who was the recipient of this ugly slur?

Judging from the inane tweets Mr. Kristjansson (has he reached puberty yet?), these self-righteous lefties seem to think that they have monopoly on offensive and hurtful remarks.

Now, we really have to question if we get value for our tax money through the generous direct subsidies this sorry rag of a newspaper is dependent on in order to make the wheels go around. Klassekampen receives NOK 23.431.641 but only manages to catch the attention of 14.390 readers