NRK sees the world through Palestinian goggles

Thanks to Oxy who provided this. [I have slightly modified the first paragraph]

NRK does register attacks on Israel from Gaza but awaits covering story until Israel mounts a defensive operation from IAF to protect civilians. For the NRK it seems they prefer defensive operations with casualties, so they can once again use the big headlines and twist it, as much as possible, in favor of the terrorists.

NRK front-page: “Rocket attack against Israel after death-raid against Gaza”

DEATH-RAID people. They actually say DEATH-RAID.

Middle East section headline: “Rockets against Israel after Gaza-raid”
Article headline: “Rockets against Israel after Gaza-attack”

* Photos:

1. Front page photo: burnt out cars. From Israel, but headline makes you believe it is from Gaza, at least if you know your NRK.

2. Article head-photo: (same as front page) burnt out cars, surprisingly from Israel (very often they only use Gaza pictures).
Picture text: “Several cars and houses was destroyed at Palestinian rocket attacks against Israel tonight” – Not mentioning the injured, and one, as of now, killed Israeli.

3. Article sub-photo: Man on a stretcher with bloody clothes.
Picture text: “One of the killed Palestinians are wheeled away after the Israeli attack”

4. Article sub-photo, at bottom: Man squatting by a wall.
Picture text: “A Palestinian man mourning by a hospital after the Israeli attack.”

* Article text:

First of. Israel always raid Gaza, while Gazans fire rockets. The sentences describing Israeli actions are always filled with words like “attack”. Gazans seldom to never attack, according to the journalists.

I.e. this is the sentences where “attack” is used:
- “The training camp that was attacked […]”
- “[…] new Israeli attacks.”
- “The victims of the attack towards the Gaza strip […]”
- “Two others [Palestinians red.] shall have been badly injured in the attack.”
- “The Israeli defense forces say they attacked […]”
- “The attack came two days after long reaching rockets was fired against Israel.”

Now here comes the first sentence where attack is used about the rockets from Gaza. But be assured; the sentence soften the word.

– “No one was injured in these attacks […]”

Now back to Israel as attacker.

– “After the Israeli attack […]”

Back to terrorist attackers.

– “Several Palestinian groups [note, not terror-groups, red.] have taken responsibility for the attacks.”

Well, a quick count gives:
Israel as attacker: 7
Terrorists as attacker: 2

Who does the article portray as the attacker?

Further, Terrorists are never described as terrorists, but militants, specialists, experts, etc. They often have very accurate information about Palestinian casualties, ie names, ages, roles, etc. Israeli wounded or casualties are often only mentioned as Israeli.

Information from IDF are almost always presented with question marks, or introduced by sentences like “IDF claims that […]“, etc. even when it is obviously facts.

The text in this article was not of the worst, but bad enough. And the complete picture of the news and the sum of the tools used to twist it is rather grim. All from how headlines and pictures are used, to a vague and twisted text. Hrmf.