Norway voted to curb funding for UNESCO

Of course, Norway was among the countries that voted for full UNESCO membership for the PA.

This at a time, when Abbas spends his time on arabic TV to ensure worried viewers that he has no intention of recognizing any Jewish state, nor that he intends to give Palestinians citizenship in the “peaceful”state of Palestine – nor has he been seen to condemn the barrage of rocket attacks over southern towns in Israel the last few days.

But maybe the good thing is that Norway now has just made itself a little bit more irrelevant for any role in the ME, as well as having helped cut off funding for the UNESCO.

I think the world will come to see that – just as Norway has nixed requests to help bail out troubled European countries (who, truth to be told, sank themselves into this quagmire they now are stuck in), Norway will not be at all interested in picking up the tab and pay the 22% the US now is dropping.

Byebye UNESCO, your folly got you in the end