University of Bergen professor: Muslims are the new Jews – Norwegian Muslim: Europe’s new Jews are still the Jews.

What a glaring contrast.

A professor at the University of Bergen as well the University College of Oslo (yes, that is the institution that hires bomb-master Gule), Elisabeth Eide, claims that Muslims are the new Jews, citing Sartre’s essay ” Reflections on the Jewish question”.

On her homepage, she provides a greatly embellished version of her CV, omitting from places she visited the fact that she, together with the rest of the Marxist-Leninist outfits of the now defunct Workers Communist Party (now also known as the leftist extremist party Red), was personally invited by Pol Pot to tour his antechamber to Hell in Cambodia (she only lists Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India).

In contrast, a Norwegian Muslim, Mohamed Abdishazan, has written an oped on, where he argues the exact opposite, the Europe’s new Jews, still are the Jews.

Ms. Eide must have been sniffing glue, while Mr. Abdishazan should be a source of eternal pride for his family, for reflecting the strong values they have instilled in him!

Below, an unauthorized translation of Abdishazan’s oped:

Europe’s new Jews are still the Jews

By: Mohamed Abdishazan. Published on November 9, 2011

The Kristallnacht is one of the darkest chapters in European history. I would go so far as to say in the history of mankind. Kristallnacht was the beginning of what was a normalization of assault, harassment and terrorizing of Europe’s Jews.

This sinister, brutal and inhumane November evening marked an escalation of the persecution of the Jews in Germany. About 200 Jews were killed. Many synagogues and Jewish shops were vandalized. Around 26,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps. All this happened with the Government’s consent, who also orchestrated the event. We all know what happened after the Kristallnacht. Most of us find the Jew hatred that laid fertile ground for such abominations as Kristallnacht and the Holocaust, something that must never happen again.

The reason I write this post is to counter the unfavorable comparison that some people have fondly clung to over the years, when discussing situation of other religious minorities in Europe today. As I have mentioned in my previous post here on NyeMeninger, how some politicians, prominent participants in the public discourse, and even journalists, have a habit of comparing the situation of European Jews in the 1920s and 30s to the situation of today’s Muslims in Western Europe. There have been reactions against this historically incorrect and harsh comparison, but not nearly as strong as they merit.

The Danish editor, and author of the book “The tyranny of silence”, Flemming Rose, discusses the fate of German Jews during the  1930’s:

“The German Jews’ situation after Hitler seized power in January 1933, became dramatically different. The Jews were interned in concentration camps, and there was rarely a week without violent against Jews on the street. Their shops were wrecked, people were encouraged to boycott them, and many Jews were murdered in public view.

During the coming few years, Jews were denied the right to exercise professions such as lawyers, doctors and journalists.

Jews could not use the public hospital, could not work in the public sector, and on turning 14 years old they were denied the right to study at any state educational institution. Public parks, beaches and seaside hotels were closed to Jews. Benches on the streets and seats on trains and buses were tagged so that Jews and German citizens were kept separate.

The Nuremberg Laws, which were adopted in 1935, meant that the Jews were stripped of their citizenship. Marriage between German nationals and Jews were forbidden, as was extramarital sex with Jews.

Less than two years after the Nazis rose to power, 50,000 Jews had left Germany – about ten percent of them. When the Second World War broke out, less than 100,000 Jews remained. The violence against the Jews permeated German society from top to bottom, staged by the authorities [page 289]. ”

Flemming Rose goes further and explains the situation of today’s Muslims in Western Europe. He looks at the big picture; and points out how Muslim organizations are supported by the authorities, as well as the fact that many Muslims participate freely in the public debate.

He also mentions the respect for religious freedom, and the special arrangements for Muslims as well as the use of the term Islamophobia, etc.

Of course there are difficult stories for individuals, and some Muslims experience harassment, racism and discrimination in their everyday lives. I do not deny that some Muslims are discriminated against and stigmatized at times. I am not an apologist for those who harass Muslims.

My point is to show that it is wrong to equate all this with what the Jews went through during the 1930’s and World War II.

The systematic state abuse of German Jews bears no comparison to restricting the use of the niqab or a caricature in the newspapers.

In spite of the challenges facing European Muslims, challenges that even may be more acutely felt than other groups, the Muslims in Europe, is a group with both power and influence.

I would argue that when even a State Secretary issues what looks like apology, for what the free press has published, it is a wild exaggeration to claim that Muslims are victims. Europe’s New Jews are still the Jews.

We see this clearly in the hatred of Jews in Western Europe. Reports form Malmö [Sweden] has revealed that Jews are discriminated against and subjected to racism.

A report taking stock of the situation in here in Norway revealed that the word “Jew” is a common insult at schools in Oslo. Over half of the pupils (52 %) said that their respective schools, the word Jew was used to describe something negative. 41% have heard jibes against Jews in school, 35% reported to have heard negative comments about Jews and 5% reported that they had witnessed Holocaust denial.

The most regrettable about this is that in part, anti-Semitic attitudes are expressed by another minority; the Muslims. Some people will try to explain this by referring to the Middle East conflict, but this is morally reprehensible.

It is not right to expose other minorities to harassment simply because they happen to share the religion of Israeli citizens, or government. Muslims must seriously work against Jew hatred that exists in their own environments. A minority, which expresses racist attitudes towards another minority group, is very problematic and destructive to the multicultural society.

As regards the term “Europe’s New Jews”. If the term is to have any meaning, then you have to deal with reality. Only if NRK would become the Norwegian equivalent of Der Stürmer, or if Norwegian Muslims were subjected to the systematic discrimination and violence as Flemming describes, or when, instead of asylum receptions centers, all of a sudden we would find concentration camps, only then could one refer to the Norwegian (or European, for that matter) Muslims as “Europe’s New Jews”.

Thankfully, especially for us who are Norwegian Muslims this is a scenario that has not happened, and one that will not happen.

We must be careful with such comparisons. It is not only a matter of bandying around silly comparisons, , but to prevent and combat all forms of racism and hatred against people because of their skin color, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.