Rappers delight: Norwegian band Gatas Parlament with modern version of the blood libel

Norwegian Rap band with a lefty twist, Gatas parlament, must have a most peculiar muse inspiring their poetic and peace loving music.

Here is a sample of their attitudes towards Jews (euphemistically called Israelis….)

[Verse 4 Norwegian]
Norwegian lyrics:


All of us are antiracist, don’t accuse us for being antisemmetic, yeah

Grenade rain down over the roofs of Gaza.
Hits hospitals, hits kindergarden kids, hits everywhere.
Of course we’re talking about an apartheid state.
They build a wall between themselves and those who should’nt have citizenship.
For if you call it blood-palestine then no rules apply and´╗┐ believe that it gives
a new macabre meaning to the word blood orange
If it’s grown´╗┐ in stolen land and harvested from a dead body.
Not in my name, not for my money.
It’s not enough to stand around and cry anymore.
So we must attack fundamentalists and show Israel
Cause they don’t care about resolutions anyway.
Just a small piece of a much bigger picture.
Like when we boicotted when I was much younger.
The responsibility lies with us all so we want everyone
with us everyone with concience, Boicott Israel!

Lovely! I suppose we just have to take their word for their claim to be anti-racists?