Boycott movement: announcing actions against shops that sell Israeli products

The anti-Israel movement in Norway is planning to target supermarket chain Coop for their audacity to continue to stock Israeli goods, of any kind and any origin, in an action planned for November 26.

It will be interesting to see whether aspiring political leaders will take part in this event – the FB page for this fringe group does not shy away from allowing rancid anti-Semitic remarks stand unopposed, so it will give us a clear indication of the ethical and moral values of politicians or other leaders of our elite, if they choose to participate. See below for copy of statements that the Norwegian Boycott Israel FB group find acceptable:

Duccio Mallamaci When you want to insult someone or something! …
You must not say that … “Nazist “!…
You must not say that … “Fascist “!…
But you have to say that … “Zionist “!…
Because Zionism was born long before Nazism and Fascism! …
Because Zionism was the first and major master of Nazism and Fascism! …
Because Zionism has won much in worse both Nazism and Fascism, has won both in theory and in practice!

Coop too, may want to take advice that bowing in to pressures from extremist groups and apply a commercial boycott of Israel, in fact is illegal under Norwegian  as well as EU Law. In addition, it would only serve to cement a growing international perception of Norway as an extreme anti-Israel state.

INTERNATIONAL DAY ACTION NOVEMBER 26TH OF NOVEMBER 2011- Israeli occupation industries off the shelves in shops!

Boikott Israel, November 2011, no stated date

No stated author

Throughout the two last years the Palestine Committee has set its focus on the Coop chain of grocery retailers. At a meeting with the Coop group on January the 6th of this year, we were informed over our campaign having led to internal discussions, yet, this group keeps on trading in Israeli goods in spite of documentation by the Palestine committee of Israeli corporations,with which the Coop trades, profiting on the occupation.

Coop is flagging with having the strictest ethical guidelines for their products; therefore, we must not give up before Coop Norge has decided not to trade goods from Israel and occupied territories.

On November the 26th we shall, together with BDS activists in several countries, take action against those profiting on the occupation of Palestine.

Israeli occupation off the shelves!

All who can must be present!


meet at the Palestine house in Grønland 12 on Saturday the 26th at 1200 hours, and we shall split up among Coop outlets that met be actual.


Meet at “Den blå steinen” (the blue rock) at 1500 hours, to find out which outlets we shall attend.

Stavanger area:

We shall meet at the Coop at Maiero on Saturday at 1200 hours. At the entrance. If we are many enough, we shall drive on to the Coops at Madla and Sandnes.