The Norwegian People’s Aid Youth do not even try to hide their anti-Israel agenda


The Board of the Solidarity Youth of Norwegian’s Peoples Aid 2011 11 28

Signed by the members of the board


Norwegian Peoples aid youth, now also sharing ideas with anti-Semites

The youth wing of NPA publishes a vicious anti-Israel rant; under the guise over their commitment to fight mines and cluster weapons.


“The solidarity youth of NPA holds the opinion the wall built far inside the Palestinian West bank are an enormous and grotesque theft of liberty. The blockade and wall, puts a whole people in jail”.

“Every day passing, the Palestinians lose land belonging legally to them through generations”.

The NPA publicly claims to be a non-political organization. The government recently donated than 35 million Nkr to this organization, during their telethon. Their secretary general, Liv Tørres, will appear with notorious anti-Semite Trond Ali Linstad in Oslo on November the 29th in a pro-Pal demo.  Trond Ali Linstad has been called an anti-Semite even  by the notorious SOS Racism, and has posted photos of Jews he thinks it is OK to kill on his website.

FM Jonas Gahr Støre has heaped prize upon this NGO and seems untroubled by their blatant anti-Israelism, now converted into good old fashioned anti-Semitism for sharing the podium with the likes of Linstad.