Syrian victims of state terror won’t be using their Ericsson phones any time soon

It is not only Norway that behaves abysmally in the face of the escalating conflict in Syria.

Sweden too, tries to sell an image of supreme righteousness, touts their neutrality, but in reality they are just as two faced as they were in 1940, letting their prejudices and commercial interests come before the needs of desperate human beings.

It is not only Norway that bends over backwards to be perceived as the most anti-Israeli country in Europe, they are in good company of the Swedes, and also – when they are not busy explaining fiddling their expenses, or in other ways thieving from the British tax payer – several prominent British Parliamentarians.

From the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter

Sweden softens sanctions against Syria

Sweden blocks the EU from imposing sanctions against two telecom companies operating in Syria. Both companies have business with Swedish Ericsson.Ericsson denies that the technology it sells can be used to monitor people.

On Thursday, EU foreign ministers agreed to introduce new sanctions against Syria for 11 different companies, whose technology is suspected can be used to monitor dissidents. But Sweden stopped two companies from ending up on the sanctions list, the state-owned STE and the South Africa-based mobile company MTN.

– Sweden argued that the two companies were important to get Syrian telecommunications network to function, says an EU diplomat told Reuters.

All EU countries except Sweden were behind a proposal that stops the supply of equipment that can be used to persecute the opposition in Syria. Sweden considered that the two companies did not engage in such activities.

According to data from the Syrian opposition they are fired upon with artillery and chased and apprehended by means of surveillance equipment that they believe are the mobile phones.

In an interview with  Ericsson’s communications director Helena Norrman says that Ericsson does not sell any technology that could be used to track calls and monitor people to Syria.

Swedish television, which publishedwith data on Friday, citing sources who talk about “the Ericsson factor”,  the recently revealed fact that Swedish Ericsson does provide Syria with technology that allows the government to track the opposition via mobile phones. Sweden’s position must have caused much concern among EU diplomats.

Green Party  Member of Parliament Bodil Ceballos, who in the Committee had to review some of the proposed sanctions , is critical of the government’s actions.

– Sweden has long had a very good reputation with regards to human rights, but this government is destroying this reputation in case after case, she says to

According to Reuters Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says that the Swedish media are unrealistic in their belief  Swedish government would have acted for Ericsson’s best in this context and on his blog, he argues for “smart sanctions”:

“In the case of Syria, it is the mobile phones and their cameras that is one of the opposition’s strongest weapon. Without them we would probably not know much about the brutal violence by the regime,” he writes, among other things.