Norwegian People’s Aid Christmas campaign: Bring the Palestinians home, kick the Jews out.

MIFF 2011 12 07 Conrad Myrland

Norwegian Pro-Israeli website MIFF publishes a letter received from an anguished Norwegian, Jewish woman. The letter is an appeal by Norsk Folkehjelp, Norwegian People’s Aid, for economic support.
The text on the envelope was this:

Norwegian People's Aid: The keys symbolize the NPA' work to ensure that Palestinian refugees obtain the right to return. The NPA is active in more than 30 countries, engaged in long term development aid and mine clearing

“This is what Palestinian refugees want most of all. An address”.
This is the letter inside.
Translation of the letter:
A life without a home.
Try to think of yourself and your family being evicted from your home. From now on another family shall live there. You must live as refugees, losing everything- incomes, rights, future.
This is the reality to four million Palestinian refugees worldwide. Norsk Folkehjelp has, since 1982, been working for these people to have their homes and futures returned.
Two thirds of the inhabitants here in the Gaza strip are refugees. They have been waiting for sixty years to return to their homes and villages. Refugees wearing a key around their necks are not an uncommon sight to us living here. The key is a symbol of not having abandoned hope, though Palestinians are still removed from their homes by force.
Many are living in over-capacity refugee camps with no hope of a better future. (Translator’s note: it is added in fake handwriting: Half of them children!)
Of the population of the Gaza strip more than half are younger than ten years. They are growing up in an area where safety and tranquility are only dreamed of.
As the representative of Norsk Folkehjelp I can see this at close range. But I also see results by our work! The youth of Gaza does not surrender, but are committed against both their leaders and the occupying power’s blockade. And local farmers use our help to rehabilitate destroyed land and safeguard local production of food.We can see the use of fighting for one’s rights.
By supporting Norsk Folkehjelp you support the fight of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homes one day.
Help us giving Palestinian refugees keys to real homes!
Wishing you and your family a peaceful Christmas.
Kjetil Østnor
Norsk Folkehjelp, Gaza

The 2011 Christmas greetings card, with love from the NPA the humanitarian NGO affiliated to the LO, the Norwegian Central trade Union, in turn affiliated to the Labor Party of Norway,

“The keys are a symbol of Norsk Folkehjelp’s work for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes.

Norsk Folkehjelp is committed in more than 30 countries in long term development aid and removal of mines”.