The Norwegian Church Minister to Jerusalem to open Gullvåg exhibition

From Gullvågs smash exhibition in Damascus, how will he entertain the art hungry flock in Jerusalem?

Ministry of  Government Administration, Reform, and Church Affairs
Press release 2011 12 02
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The Minister of Government administration, reform and church affairs, Rigmor Aasrud,  is to visit Jerusalem.
She will speak to religious leaders on Israeli and Palestinian side, and visit religious sites.
Among her visits, one will be a visit to the Augusta Victoria church in Jerusalem, to see an exhibit by Norwegian artist Håkon Gullvåg; which will open on December the 16th. The exhibition is sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church, The Country Municipality of Sør- Trøndelag (the first  and only county council that adopted a boycott israel motion), the Municipality of Trondheim, (which regularly sponsors pro-Arab, anti-Israel art), Fagforbundet i Trondheim, the  local union chapter that asked  The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) in Trondheim to convert the Mai 1 Labour Day parade into a Pro-Palestinian event. The fourth sponsor is a commercial bank who to my knowledge maintains impeccable neutrality to preserve its commercial reputation. However, three out of 4 sponsors are rabid anti-Israeli’s all coming form what now appears to be the hub of anti-Israel political initiatives in Norway, with the NTNU being their standard bearer.
Mr. Gullvåg is the artist who got the hump when the french Cultural Center in Damascus took down some of his paintings exhibited for the Terra Sancta exhibition. Censure, he furiously claimed, until confronted with the reality that his blood tainted pictures were not deemed sufficiently anti-Israel by the Damascus art lovers.