Our very own little “occupy movement”, it looks just like its mother movement with its grim anti-Semitism

The Occupy Wall Street movement has proven to be flash in the pan, but nevertheless, it has managed to inspire some Norwegian nincompoops:

“Occupy” movement.


Dagens Næringsliv 2011 12 16, Anna Werenskjold


Dagens Næringsliv lampoons Norwegian copycats of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, among them one Anja Askelund, a student/activist and member of the “Green Party” of Norway.

The newspaper seems less than impressed by their efforts and their attempts at “direct democracy”.

As for Ms. Askelund, she is the author of this poetic gem:

ABC Nyheter

2009  01 19

Dear Jew, dear desperado.

Your hands are filled with blood, you are doing the unforgivable. You kill our defenseless brothers and sisters. You send bombs from a distance; they are closed in, and cannot flee.

Arms and legs are torn off. Our brethren and sisters die and are mutilated. We, the world community, let it happen. Our brethren and sisters are worthless, their lives mean nothing. Any hope over a decent life is smashed.

Dear Jew, dear dewserado. You are scared. Of course, you have done the unforgivable.

Now enter Gaza. See these people. They yare also scared, they have lost their dear. They have lost arms and legs. They have lost their homes.

Enter… You shall see a girl. She is 14, maybe. She is dirty, her eyes empty, without hope. She hardly sees you.

See into her eyes, you shall see yourself.

Dear Jew, dear desperado, fall on your knees, ask her for forgiveness.

This is the only opportunity. The only way to go.