Vårt Land: Anti-Semitism alive and well in Norway


Vårt Land 2011 12 20 p 3, 4

Erling Rimehaug. Not Online


Op-ed on the Shoah in Norway. Mr. Rimehaug points to the Shoah in Norway still not being a fully integrated  part of Norwegian history, and anti-Semitism still being very much alive.


“The genocide on Norwegian Jews is still not an integrated part of Norwegian history on WW2. It has been a separate part, in parallel to the Norwegian part of history, Ervin Kohn of the Mosaic congregation said in a speech at the anniversary for the expulsion of Jews from Norway in 1942 in Oslo on Sunday”.

“Two young guys wearing shades and badges reminds us of the unpleasant reminder there still are- or should we say remains- some people hating Jews enough to kill them”.

“Kohn reminds us of the fact it was not the Germans sending Jews to Auschwitz. It was Norwegian police who dutifully executed the orders”.

“We shall not use these examples to incite against Muslims or Palestinians. Nor can we shrug away the fact hatred of Jews is still alive in this world”.