Libya: First we bomb then, then we take their oil

This contrasts to the treatment Israel was given after requesting a technical visit to Norway…. But on the other hand, maybe this is a win-win proposal tabled by Norway: Libya wins since we helped bombing their country to smithereens, kill their women, children and elderly, whilst in return we get to help ourselves to their oil. Unbeatable deal!


Verdens Gang 2011 12 21


Junior Minister Torgeir Larsen (Labor) arrived Libya on Tuesday morning; the first Norwegian political visit post Kadafy.

Larsen shall meet with political leaders and the UN on his one day visit to the Libyan capital.

“We have received a request over our experience in managing the profist of oil incomes. And I bring an expert along. This is a sector in which we are experienced”, Larsen tells NTB.

According to E 24, oil production in this country is approachin one million barrels  a day.

Delayed billions.

At first, he shall visit the Martyr’s square, before meeting Deputy Minister of Finances Imratha Gheith, deputy FM Mohammed Abdel Azis and UN special emissary Ian Martin.

Libyan authorities are preoccupied with receiving access to the Kadhafy billions, frozen abroad, this work, however, has taken some time.

Earlier this fall, Norway gave an all clear signal to transferrring the 370 million dollars in Norway, this has not yet taken place. By now, however, this money is heading for the Libyan authorities.

On December the 15th, Italy signalled they would resuscitate a freindship accord, dated 2008.


Also, Torgeir Larsen brings along 10 million NKR in support for the Libyan elections, to be divided betwenn two different programs, according to the MFA.

The UN has expressed concerns over the regime not followong recommendations, which Norway shares?

“Things are slowing down, as related to election processes, for instance, it is important there be the force to implement those processes”.

“However, it is important we travel there now, to gain a better image, so we can have an opinion on this”.

There are no one from the business world in this delegation.

“But we assist strong business intersts in Libya as best we can”, Larsen says.

No connections.

Earlier this year, France stated it would be natural for those countries heavily involved in the military action to be benefiting for it afterwards. The Norwegian government is against such a connections.

“I cannot say this is something we have seen that has happened- However, as seen from the Norwegian point of view, there are absolutely no connections between this”, Larsen says.

“Norway has had business activity in Libya and it is our job to help them, but there are no connnections between what we have done and helping the business community. We did before and we do by now”.

In August, foreign oil corporations were eager to reestablish the Libyan oil industry.

Translator’s note. Some of Mr. Larsen’s statements may not seem to be very informative in English translation. They are not in the original Norwegian, either.