20 people remember 3 year anniversary for Gaza campaign – they forgot to mention Gaza rockets, but calls Gaza campaign a ‘Holocaust’


Ship to Gaza Norway, no date, Nikolaos Tavridis-Hansen


In anti-Israel demo on December 29th 2011, held nearby the Israeli embassy in Oslo, Mr. Nikolaos Tavridis-Hansen of the Norwegian Ship to Gaza, held a speech directed against Israel, the translator contends himself with translating the first lines of his appeal:

“It is three years since Holocaust in the Gaza strip! Three years ago, Israeli forces in a brutal fashion massacred 1400 Palestinians”.

The rest of his appeal is very much in the same vein.

Perhaps unnecessary to mention, Mr, Tafridis-Hansen also mentions Apartheid and ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

Further is also appears they fail to coordinate their statements with noise emanating from Gaza; according to Hamas “official” Mahmoud al-Zahar:

Senior Hamas member Mahmoud al-Zahar dismissed a statement made by Hamas Politburo Chief Khaled Mashaal, who claimed recently that the group will hold mass rallies against Israel within the Gaza Strip.

“Popular resistance is inappropriate for the Gaza Strip,” al-Zahar said. “Against whom exactly would be rally? Such resistance would be fitting if Gaza was occupied.” However, he claimed that all forms of resistance – including the armed kind – are appropriate for the West Bank, as it is “still under occupation.” (Elior Levy)

What else? Yawn.

I sure hope Mr. Tavridis-Hansen has got a proper job, I would be very upset if my hard earned tax money goes towards paying for lefties who are too lazy to actually contribute to the society!

But on the bright side, also this item was ignored by the Norwegian mainstream media…