FM Støre earns theatrical ridicule… by his own son

The annual School Shows are over us, with every high school around the country putting on a show, musical, tragical, comical or merely hormonal. A long cherished tradition, this is the time of year pupils forget about exam revision and looming exams (anyway, not a worry that seems to press unduly on Norwegian high school pupils), and where the rich, famous and or political rag dolls get their fair share of ridicule.

We have a saying here in Norway, similar to what the English say, that children and drunks always speak the truth.

So on that dictum, we are happy to observe the opinion of FM Gahr Støre, as he parodies his father’s increasingly lame attempts to “make Abbas and Netanyahu become friends (go on, do see it, it is actually very funny, just have patience as the commercial runs, it only takes a couple of seconds, the sketch is in English, and very funny!).

Two observations;

Mr Støre might have more success if he only didn’t try so hard.

his son, Vetle, might have a great future as a comedian!