A Norwegian-Israeli soldier gets the rap


Verdens Gang 2012 01 16

Erlend Skevik

Norwegian Linn Pérez, serving in the Israeli Navy, told friends on Facebook of Israel intending to attack Iran. She is now being disciplined by the IDF.

“It is detrimental to have such messages written, able to create misunderstandings in a tense situation”, says Bjorn Hermann, spokesman of the IDF, to VG Net.

Relations between Iran and Israel have become very tense in later months. In last week, the IAEA confirmed Iran has implemented high grade enrichment of uranium deep inside a mountain. The West holds fear Iran is employing this program to make nuclear weapons, something being denied by Iran.

Reactions by the IDF.

During this, the girl from Sandnes wrote this Facebook message: “My first war is approaching… If my summer gets busted, then!”

Throughout the last year, this girl from Sandnes has served with the IDF, now being stationed at a naval base in the city of Ashdod. In her field of comments, she writes over her hope Israel shall “take on Iran”.

“But Israel shall take on them. Just you wait. This is gonna be trouble”.

Reactions to this Facebook message have been terse, though. Hermann confirms to VG Net that this Norwegian Israeli soldier may expect disciplinary reactions by the IDF. Meanwhile, he denies the message may be interpreted as an attack on Iran coming closer.

“Of course, she has no information over eventual operations It is to be regretted that unqualified persons are dispersing unfounded information in this fashion. This will have consequences”, says the IDF spokesman.

Deleted message.

Linn Perez confirms that IDF soldiers have strict limitations on what they may make statements about. Never the less, she denies having revealed any military secrets, not believing this will be damaging to her career in the IDF.

“This is in the media every day. Since everybody is aware of what may happen, I find this little problem to write about. If I spoke of matters nobody else knew of, it would be different”, she tells VG Net.

She has by now deleted this Facebook message.

Ready to attack.

VG Net is aware of Israel now preparing to several scenarios unfolding if relations to Iran deteriorate. One option is Iran requesting its Hamas and Hezbollah allies to attack Israel.

The other main fear is Iran or its allies attacking Israeli or Jewish targets abroad. On Friday, a Lebanese man, said to be connected to Hezbollah, was arrested in Bangkok in the connection of terrorist threats directed at tourists in Thailand. As VG Net understands this, Israel is in fear over such actions in the future.

USA and EU have introduced strict sanctions against Iran in order to force the country to shelve its nuclear plans. Meanwhile, media are speculating on USA and Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities if the country does not yield to pressure. Former presidential counsel Dennis Ross said in last week that President Obama is ready to use military force to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weaponry.

“Obama has made it quite clear Iran armed with nuclear arms is such a major threat to world peace these plans have to be stopped”, Ross said in an interview with Bloomsbury news agency.

Postpones exercise.

Nor does Ross exclude Israel acting on its own if they concludes with the rest of the world doing too little to prevent Iran from making nuclear weapons, according to Jerusalem Post.

In the meantime, USA is trying to deescalate tensions in the region. On Sunday, it was announced a joint US-Israeli military exercise was to be postponed by at least six months.

Israeli spokesmen say USA has asked for this reprieve in order not to contribute to increased tensions in the region.