3 “lovely” little stories


Avisen Agder 2012 01 17 Erik Thime


Tear jerker story about Yosef Fayad- according to himself an ex-policeman in the PA- who was denied asylum in Norway and returned to the PA. He claims to have been arrested and incarcerated for five days by the PA, and to be unemployed. He also states his son (11) has been assaulted over being his father’s son.

Mr. Fayed claims to be missing Norway.


“Can’t the Israelis just leave us in peace? Israel has stolen our land. The only thing we want for is to live in peace, have a normal life and recuperate. But it is eternal unrest- it is not harmless to live here”.

Funny, I thought it was the PA that were bugging him? As for his claims of land theft, they seem exaggerated in the least. Maybe they should just owe up to the fact that the majority of the Palestinians were settled in the land as the falling Ottoman empire crumbled and the desperate Turks decided to settle the land with more people to counteract the influx of Jewish immigrants in the late 19th century, early 20th century.


Hamar Dagblad 2012 01 07, Håvard Lillebo


Ingrid Petronille Røe (59) of Hamar visits Palestine, also known as hell on earth, is thoroughly indignant over border crossings and the Israelis. Also, the Israelis are stealing land and are murderers, whilst the Palestinians are friendly and helpful.


“It is good for Jesus he was born at that time; as the three biblical magi never would have got through all the CP’s on their way to Bethlehem, Eldbjørg says. And if Mary has given birth today, Ingrid Petronille says, she could have risked this took place at one of the 600 CP’s in the West Bank. She could also have died at the CP, as many do; because they are not let through, says Ingrid Petronille”.

Strangely, Mrs. Røe did not inform us of the Jews killing Christ. As for this article, it is presented as factual by the newspaper.


Eidsvoll Ullensaker Bald 2012 01 13, Glen Widing

Through 11 years, the Jessheim High School has had projects in Lebanon. In March, students and teachers shall leave for another trip…firstly, however, having received a lesson in history by Kåre Willoch.

During ten days, these third graders will visit schools and Palestinian refugee camps, including Shatila which Christian Lebanese soldiers massacred with Israeli support in 1982, and of course to visit Lebanese people that had been to Ullensaker in last year.


“This is going to be a great trip. We are looking forward to meeting new and old friends. Among other issues, we will donate money”, says Inger Helene Blegeberg.

In total, the high school at Jessheim has collected NOK 1 million  in aid for projects in Lebanon since starting their work 11 years ago, the students are looking forwards to document what this money is used to; seeing it actually helps people.

“These are people who are not living under great conditions and are in need of support. A trip like this will put things in perspective, and we are looking forward to this as a pleasure”, says Margret Rogstad.


Siri Bjørklund looks forward to musical cooperation..

“We will demonstrate that music is a useful tool, not least for therapy, hopefully teaching something to other students. Some students never have received education in music”, she points out.

The students from Jessheim will be staying with private individuals and at hotels during their stay. They refer to it as a mutual exchange,

“They have been here to visit us, now it our turn to visit them”, says Blegeberg.

History with Willoch.

On Wednesday, Kåre Willoch accepted an invitation from the Jessheim High School to lecture on the Middle East. The hall was packed to the maximal capacity to as the former PM arrived. The enthusiastic applause one hour later must be seen as a sign of the students having appreciated his lecture in history; from the Pentateuch to today’s international community, refusing to talk to Hamas, who has been elected by the Palestinians.

Martin Sander, also bound for Lebanon, rose to raise questions to Kåre Willoch.

“I wanted to know what he thought would be the simplest solution in the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis. His reply was excellent, I have been seated here, sucking up (sic) everything he has said, having one like him here has been very educative”, says this student of drama.

Both the newspaper behind this article, and the journalist, were reprimanded by the Norwegian Press Professional Board (PFU) over breaches of ethical rules, in the context of an op-ed after 22/7, blaming totally innocent people over this event.