The level of debate on Vårt Land ethical debate forum

With reference to yesterday’s post that Norwegian Jews are reluctant to be registered as members of the Jewish congregations.

Vårt Land, which prides itself on its high ethical profile, tends to slip dangerously low in actually exercising their own ethical ideals; here is a sample of what passes for polite and suitable opinion on the topic of what Norway can do to protect its Jewish minority, by a man called Per Elias Vågenes (who, as far as I have been able to ascertain, has no professional relationship to Vårt Land, he merely expresses his own personal opinions)

There can hardly be one upright person in Norway who does not think that  Jews, or other minorities, should enjoy the right to feel safe in the Norwegian society. Information regarding the Holocaust crime is compulsory in the Norwegian school system, and it is quite normal that 6th form pupils travel to Auschwitz to see the memorial over these sites of crimes with their own eyes.

But the attitude to the state of Israel has changed. After the war, the slogan was  ” a people without a land to land without a people “. The average Norwegian did not know any better. In time, we have gotten a better understanding of the cost of the Zionist invasion, and what is costs the Palestinian people, and the mood has taken a different turn. Many persons who have experienced the Zionist invasion in the Middle East first hand have fled/emigrated to Norway/Scandinavia. Hence the conflict has been imported to our latitudes. But as far as I know, the only murder which is a consequence of the Jewish/Palestinian conflict, is tithe Mossad liquidation of an innocent man at Lillehammer.

I have copied the following from Karmel/News from Israel; “At the same time it became known that the US ambassador to Belgium, who is a known fund raiser for president Barack Hussein Obama said that Israel itself is the cause of the anti-Semitism directed against it. ” Ambassador Gutman is a Jew himself, and he gave the speech to a Jewish congress. You can find the whole speech here:

But, returning to the topic; what in your opinion must be done to secure vulnerable minorities, not just the Jews, in the Norwegian society?

It is pretty depressing that Vårt Land is unable to adequately supervise its own debate forum, which ironically is called “values”; with this, they merely confirm the suspicion that their values are seriously adrift and quite relative.

But this character, Per Elias Vågnes, is a nasty piece of work, in a debate on how to ensure that our Jewish minority can live peacefully and without fear of persecution in Norway, he promptly and unashamedly steps right into the dog toffee and makes a comparison to Israel, as if that is a relevant or even ethical argument to raise in this discussion. Is he suggesting that Norwegian Jews have to take responsibility for Israel? Is he suggesting that Israel has no right to exist?

I put it to you Mr. Vågnes, and I have been reading your sick opinions for a while, you are a disgrace to all of Norway, and you merely confirm the suspicion that some Norwegian Christians are very un-Christian indeed. Your opinions smell like dog turd, I beg of you, keep it all to yourself.

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  1. Siril
    December 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    I am well aware of the neo-Nazi undercurrent in Norway, but to read such a blatant piece of anti-Semitism such as that by Per Elias Vågenes is, nevertheless, shocking. He talks in politically loaded terms about a “Zionist-invasion” of Palestine, not about the repatriation of a country-less people to their own land. Surely, immigrants would be a more appropriate term, but wouldn’t serve Vågenes desire to spread hateful propaganda.

    He refers to Palestinians and others from Middle-East countries as “emigrants” who have “fled” to Norway. I suspect that some would call that an Islamist invasion of Europe.

    While I concede that Israel has brought some of its problems on itself, the same must be said with a greater degree of certainty about Palestine and its neighbors. How conveniently we forget that an avowed tenet of radical Islam is to kill all Jews; also we should not forget that those of us who are considered infidels are destined for the same fate.

    As neither Jewish nor Muslim, I have no problem deciding whether I’d rather have Jewish or Muslim neighbors.

    The Israelis are our valuable allies in the Middle-East, an area that is home to avowed enemies of all that Europe and the free world represents.

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