At last, FM Støre finds time to deplore Jerusalem mufti’s call for murder of Jews

Unlike his prompt, however misplaced condemnation of Israel back in June, when Syrian demonstrators broke a fence and entered Israel, our good FM Støre has finally found the opportunity to condemn the Jerusalem Mufti’s call for murdering Jews. However, he had to be prompted to do it; it was only after a letter from Dagfinn Høybråten, a member of Parliament, representing the Christian Democrats, that FM Støre officially took a stance.

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Støre deplores  the Grand Mufti’s statements

Norway deplores the statements from the Mufti of Jerusalem that “the day of redemption for Muslims will come when they start to kill Jews.” The Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Ap) says this in a written reply to MP DagfinnHøybråten (KrF).

By Tor Weibye

– This is a remarkably positive response because the foreign minister will take this matter seriously, Høybråten says to

The Foreign Minister writes in his response that the Mufti Husein’s statement appears to be hostile to Jews and are not likely to create confidence between the parties.
– I will ask our office in Al Ram to meet the mufti to express that Norway is opposed to the statements he made during the ceremony.

Totally unacceptable

Høybråten maintains that the Mufti’s statements, whether quotes or anything else, are totally unacceptable.
– These statements are made by the leadership, from quarters where one would expect a more responsible attitude, and they were made as an intrinsic part of  a celebration in favor of the ruling party. This makes it imperative that Norway clearly marks our position.
– So I am pleased that the Foreign Minister will take this very seriously and that he has instructed our representation office to raise this matter directly with Hussein.
– It is particularly important because this is a person that Norway has had a relationship with for a long time.
Norway must use  a clear and unequivocal language, and let them know that the attitudes that lie behind, and the way these attitudes have been expressed, is totally unsuitable for building peace and reconciliation, says Dagfinn Høybråten.

I think our FM could just call the Palestinian ambassador  in Oslo for a formal meeting and let him know in person what Norway officially thinks about this. And it is of course a blemish on his face that he could not bring himself to do it before he was prompted to do so by a member of the opposition. But then again, Støre probably does not read Dagen that often, about the only Norwegian newspaper that reported on the story!