Fjordman hits back


Verdens Gang 2012 02 17 p 27, Peder Nøstvold Jensen, a.k.a “Fjordman”.

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Author Øyvind Strømmen has been referred to by the media as an expert post 22/7; though it is rather vague what he is supposed to be an expert in.

Strømmen took part in the Labor party’s seminar on extremism in January of 2012 in the company of Harald Stanghelle, the political editor of Aftenposten, and the secretary of the Labor Party, Raymond Johansen.

Of me, he has formerly written that “Peder Jensen is the Sayyid Qutb of counterjihadism”.

Qutb was a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Representatives of the Brotherhood have met with representatives of Jonas Gahr Støre’s MFA for official talks in Oslo. If so, Gahr Støre should invite groups of so called islamophobes for positive dialogue meetings.

Met with Hamas.

PM Jens Stoltenberg issued in his speech on New Year’s Eve for 2012 a warning over totalitarian seducers. This is very good, however, someone should whisper in his ear that Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, is representing the perhaps most dangerous totalitarian movement in today’s world.

In 2007, Norway was the first country in the world to normalize its relationship to Hamas, Stoltenberg yielded to pressure over a long time from the LO, the Labor Youth, The Socialist party and the left wing of Labor, as well as large swathes of the media.

They had a wish for Norway to cooperate with a Palestinian government at that time having Hamas in its leadership. As late as in the last period of the Storting, large parts of the RedGreen coalition were in the forefront of Norwegian taxpayers directly funding terrorists. Even Norway’s so called Conservative ex-PM Kåre Willoch has been a proponent of tis normalization.

Representatives of Hamas have even visited the Storting.

Raymond Johansen of Labor met with Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas for official talks in 2007 on behalf of FM Støre and the Stoltenberg government. The same Johansen, who greeted this terrorist leader with a smile, a man who has praised Osama bin Laden, has publicly denounced me as a dangerous extremist.

I am aware of being controversial. Never the less, I find it somewhat strange that Mr. Johansen openly cooperated with the leadership of an organization known for being behind hundreds of terrorist attacks, having killed or maimed thousands of people, as the same man’s holds as his opinion so-called islamophobes are dangerous extremists who ought to be isolated and neutralized.

Some people seem to have lost their moral compass; I am not certain I am the one.

Israel is used as a laboratory for Islamic Jihadi terrorists. Methods developed there are exported to other countries.

Hamas and Hezbollah members openly admit to their struggle being part of international Jihad to outspread Islamic global supremacy, to include Europe, Northern-and Southern America, and for that matter Asia, Africa and Australia.

Even Anders Behring Breivik admits to being inspired by jihadi terrorism, in particular how their methods have received resonance in Western media.

VG claims ABB is following manuals by Al Qaeda, the Islamic terrorism network of Osama bin Laden.

Will continue.

In April of 2003 I was seated  in front of Mike’s bar, a club next to the beautiful beach in Tel Aviv, only a short time ahead of this being the site of a suicide bombing, perpetrated by a Muslim man born in the UK, having been issued a British passport.

I heard this explosion.

It made a particular impression for me to hear that this would happen in European countries.

It did, with the bombs in Madrid in 2005, in London in 2007 and Stockholm in December of 2010. More such episodes made me convinced over us facing a dangerous totalitarian movement having the potential to create great suffering to our people and civilization. This was the profound reason I had to begin writing under the name of Fjordman; and why I choose to continue with this.