Aftenposten allows anti-Semitic comments

Aftenposten today published an oped by Martin Bodd, a descendant of Holocaust survivors, responding to a proposal by Aftenposten’s editor for culture and debate Knut Olav Åmås to name a square after one of the Jewish children we sent off to an early and cruel death in Auschwitz in 1942. The talkbacks to this oped are horrific, demonstrating once more that it is not by accident Norwegian children think nothing using the word Jew as an insulting swear word:

here is the oped:


Aftenposten 2012 02 19, Martin Bodd

The ongoing debate over naming a public place in honor of the tragic fortunes of Jews in WW2 is interesting. The well-meant debate proposal over a Ruth Maier Square puts light on the complex issues concerning names and their significance. Ruth Maier was a refugee; she was not Norwegian, yet suffered the same terrible destiny as so many others: Jews, gypsies, gays, and the retarded. We Norwegians have for some time has a somewhat self-glorifying image of our efforts to fight the occupying power in WW2. Recently, this image has started to tarnish. Many Norwegians took active part in the arrests of the Jews. At the 50th anniversary of the deportation of the Jews, Gro Harlem Brundtland stated this:” The winter of 1942-43 was the darkest time in Norwegian history, Norwegian citizens were removed from the country, being killed collectively”.

Strong symbol.

Ruth Maier was embarked on the “death ship” Donau on November the 26th of 1942. She was perhaps even lonelier than most other Jews aboard. She did not possess connections which could have enabled her to flee; most likely she had few to comfort her on the passage, as other Norwegian Jews comforted each other. The essential in this is this dark chapter in Norwegian history not being only communicated, but also visualized as part of the city’s image. Ruth Maier was killed for being Jewish. The Nazis did not make any difference over whether she was Norwegian or Austrian. She is a material witness to industrial scale murder, and a strong symbol of the meaningless.

Not only victims.

As history books are written, war, disasters and accidents may dominate. It is like this even today. Bad news turns into history and bestselling news.

If people are asked over what they associate Jews with, answers are understandable but depressing, mostly, it is about tragedies or anti-Semitism, exemplified with the responses: Holocaust and the Middle East conflict, or Jews being greedy, intending to take over the world.

Jews are people like everybody else, for better or worse. The tragic events overshadow what positive contributions Jews have made and are making.

Thinkers, philosophers, contributors to culture and the fact of being overrepresented among Nobel awardees in the ratio of 115, compared to the Norwegian population, hardly being the association made.

Things did not start well for Jews in Norway. The constitution banned Jews from coming to Norway.                                                   Thanks to Wergeland, Jews were allowed entry as late as 1851. The numbers of Jews and Israelis count only 2000 today.

Confirming a place for the victims of the Holocaust and the Jewish contribution to Norway’s community and also the world, would remind the new anti-Semites of us not allowing the horrors to repeat themselves, and the fact this small group has a just place in our community. Squares and streets abound in Europe and North America, having names like the Jewish Square or Israel Street. If the Municipality of Oslo would see to this taking place in our capital, this would reduce the distance to something marginal, having had a wrongful reputation at times.

And here you have a small sample of the talkbacks Aftenposten has allowed:


Interesting to see how Aftenposten deletes posts that are critical of how Israel and the Jews today are killing their neighbors. In spite of this, the Jews who support this, demand that  we just accept it and respect them?

Kalle Kanin

Samuel Bodd operates under a false flag. He is not Norwegian, but a Jew. Norway have also 12 Nobel prizes (7 in the sciences). Isreal 10 (6 in the sciences).  The average Israeli IQ  is 94, for Norwegians, it is 98. Olympic Gold Israel 1, Norway 161 … The street should be named after Ahmed Bouchikhis , in honor of a fellow that we did not protected.

twin peak

Jewish’ contributions to Norway ..?
Are you thinking of the Mossad agents who were responsible for the Lillehammer murder?


What we unfortunately see is that the Jews are self-absorbed. They demand to be worshiped, but for what? What have they for example  contributed for Norway? When they call themselves “Jews”,  they say that they are not Norwegian, but trying to rise above us.

Jonn Mero
The error is probably that Jews and Israelis are put in the same box.
The Israelis are probably as decent as any, but their country is run by a mob that more closely resembles the persecutors of Jew  than we like to think.
When one points out Israel’s aggression, they cry  anti-Semitism, but the truth is that Israel’s Lebensraum policy and vengeance is as reprehensible as the Nazi’s.
And those who want to find out more: Leon Uris is not a reliable source. Read also Chomsky, Finkelstein, cardboard and Khalidia. Then one can find a real counterweight to Israeli and Christian people’s propaganda.

Imagine that, not even a year after our worst terror attack in modern times, when we romantically lit candles and promised to be a more open and tolerant society so to negate the dreadful deeds of ABB, Aftenposten continues to stir the pot of insane hatred.