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Dagsavisens forum for polite debate can from time to time look surprisingly like the inside of the head of a person with very unstable hormones, or perhaps neurons like over-ripe camembert cheese. Or, like a grotty catacomb where no air has circulated for centuries. It is probably a style thing; to be oddly out of touch – passé, where they want to be progressive, they come across like Putin, or Chavez.

This is the contribution to the public discourse by a gray and dreary bureaucrat at a small  regional university college, Kjetil Nilsen – perhaps this is what he does for therapy, where he can put his manhood to play?

The Golani Brigade rages in Hebron

Published 18 February – 868 views Post
Now the people of Hebron will suffer extra: the Israeli government has placed rowdy soldiers from the infamous Golani Brigade in the city.

They have been in Hebron before, Palestinians feared the worst when the Golani gang with their brown berets appeared on December 27, replacing soldiers from the Kfir Brigade whose job it is to guard the 500 fanatical and violent settlers who have occupied properties and latched on to the largest Palestinian city in the West Bank. The Golani Brigade is known for its toughness and abuse of Palestinians.

And not surprisingly, we now have daily reports of serious violations of common citizens’ fundamental rights. As an occupied population, the Palestinians have no alternative law enforcement agency to turn to when exposed to the crimes of those who are responsible for maintaining law and order. International NGOs in Hebron are sounding strong signals of warning. They are especially concerned  for children and young people in the old town and district of Tel Rumeida.

One of the international organizations, Christan Peacemaker Team (CPT), with extensive experience in Hebron, has recently published a report (Under Attack) that documents the abuse of power and gross abuse from government soldiers after 27 December. Some examples from the report:

Thursday 12 January: Soldiers beat up a mentally ill boy after he tried to open a door that was closed in front of him at a military checkpoint. Same day: Soldiers attacked his mother and beat up another of her sons so severe that he suffered a cranial fracture. Both boys were arrested.

Sunday 15 January: Settlers set fire to the car to a Palestinian family in Tel Rumeida. Soldiers sat in a jeep close passively and watched.

Tuesday 17 January: Soldiers took into a home at night. The whole family were forced out in the cold – including the family’s 1 1/2 year old children. His father was beaten over the head with a rifle butt and required medical treatment afterwards.

Friday 20 January: Soldiers detained two boys (10 and 12 years) at the Beit Romano settlement. Attempted to force parents to hand over the five named men from the old city in exchange for the release of their own children.

Monday 30 January: The soldiers forced a man to stand outside his house in Tel Rumeida for 1 ½ hours in the freezing rain. This was a punishment for having been on the roof to fix the satellite dish antenna. He was subsequently told that he must apply for permission to go on his own roof.

Monday 6 February: Two 11-year-old pupils at the Cordoba school were detained by six soldiers. After having been cautioned  for alleged stone throwing, they were released. But both the boys and the school were cautioned if they threw stones.

The Golani Brigade has a poor reputation, but a high score by military authorities for their toughness. They are usually in the first line when the rawest and most brutal Israeli war plans to be implemented – eg. Operation Cast Lead in Gaza in 2008/2009. This is ‘Israel’s 1st Brigade. ”

It is no coincidence that they are now stationed in Hebron to “ensure law and order.”Here, they are free to do as they please and devastate  freely and roam wild – deployed to consolidate the Israeli occupation and protect against the “enemy”, the occupied. Regular Palestinians are “the enemy” – women, children, old, young, or peaceful shopkeepers in the old city.

The Golani soldiers have understood the roles of occupation, and act accordingly: The level of violence is raised, the harassment has intensified, random detentions and nocturnal razzias are frequent events, while tear gas canisters and grenades hang ever  looser in the belt. Brutality reigns.

But those in charge is of course the Israeli government. It uses the occasion to take a more hard-handed policy in Hebron and throughout the West Bank now, as the world’s eyes are directed against Syria and Iran. What is it that Netanyahu wants to achieve? Is he trying to provoke chaos and violent rebellion, so that the ethnic cleansing, oppression and occupation can be further enhanced?

Maybe somebody should remind that putrid Kjetil of the real story of Hebron, going no further back than 1929 when the Arabs ethnically cleansed the town of Jews. His lies are as vicious as they are easy to expose, hiding behind a fig leaf that some snotty wannabe Christian NGO says it has witnessed something – after the Al-Durra affair, and not to forget the wild fantasies of a Jenin massacre has since long left such NGO’s incredible.

What may irritate this Kjetil Nilsen the most, is that contrary to his wet fantasies where he can dress up as a saviour, the Palestinians on the West Bank are quite happy the way their economy is growing, and have since long turned their backs on Fatah and Hamas, but flock to vote on the representatives  to the Chamber of Commerce that deliver sustainable growth and facilitate ever stronger economic ties and equality between Palestinian and Israeli traders.

Stick that up your pipe and smoke it!