Norwegian hospitality to Israel: Suffer bitch!

Almost as certain as death and taxes, NRK will not let any opportunity pass by to portray Jews as victims or Israelis as whiners.

NRK Østlandssendingen headlines a piece with “The Israeli embassy feels discriminated,” and goes on to cover the Israeli embassy’s alleged whining over not being able to find a suitable location for its embassy.

NRK makes its best to make it all sound like whining, but a careful reading of the article will give some impression of what the issues are.

The municipal government of Oslo has demanded that Israel remove an essential part of its much needed security perimeter, namely the fence that surrounds the embassy. The fence is not an eyesore: most likely the neighbors got tired of the demonstrations, the threat of riots, and Oslo has a history of ducking the disadvantages of being the capital city.

It’s hard to know whether NRK has cherry-picked quotes to strengthen the whining impression, but it’s pretty clear that neither Roar Sandnes (the realtor organization) nor Frode Andersen (the Norwegian MFA) think that Israel has much to complain about. They claim to have been very helpful to Israel through the years.

The Norwegian government has an obligation under international law to ensure that foreign embassies are properly accommodated and to protect the embassies’ perimeters.

It is obvious that the MFA’s unfriendly and inhospitable posture in this matter is part of Norway’s policy toward Israel in general: to pretend there is dialogue, but make it clear with actions that Israel will be maligned at every turn.

The Israeli government should turn the tables on Norway and inform that the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will either use its good offices to secure a location that fulfills certain specific requirements and at a reasonable price; or Israel will just have to a) shut down the Oslo embassy and move its functions to Copenhagen and b) reconsider its approach to Norway’s embassies in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

And since Norway refuses to recognize Israel’s sovereign right to establish its capital wherever it wants, one approach might be to offer Norway prime real estate for its embassy in Sderot.