NUPI researcher thinks condemnation of Syria’s Assad is selective and opportunistic


Aftenposten 2012 02 21 p 6, Helge Lurås


Helge Lurås of NUPI expresses deep skepticism over the Syrian opposition, admitting the Assad regime is  not exactly being a model of democracy of human rights and democracy, however it is having the support of perhaps 50 per cent of the country’s population, not least he minorities.


“Today’s Libya is starting to show what the absence of the State’s monopoly to power may result in”.

“The single-minded condemnation of Bashar al Assad is ether selective and opportunistic; or based on a naive idea of the “state” and the execution of power”.

To be very fair to Lurås, he has previously warned European politicians to avoid demonizing Israel, and whilst the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is every bit as tragic as the Syrian drama; the Assad dynasty has never been elected they stole the political power in a coup and have held on to it through unambiguous, cruel and bloody divide and rule tactics.

Let us hope for all that Syria does not become a new Lebanon, or a new Iraq, but let us not kid ourselves, Assad is a murderer of the worst kind and deserves his condemnation, but the international community is wise to try to defuse this powder keg of a country with as much prudence as possible.