An (un)popular story not told in Norway

Norwegian NGO’s and media prefer to cast Israel as the meanie, and the Palestinians as the hapless and helpless, in particular when it comes to health care and emergency care.

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115,000 sick Palestinians treated in Israel

The cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians is growing in the medical field. The number of Palestinians who were treated in Israel increased by 13 percent over the last year.
By Rebekah Herberger Rodner
Published: 16/03/2012, at. 8:46 am

The Israeli civil administration says that 115,000 Palestinians received medical treatment in Israel during 2011. It’s a 13 percent increase from 2010.
– Each year, more patients are sent to Israeli hospitals, says Dalia Bassa, health coordinator in the civil administration.

Organ Transplants
During the last year organ transplant saved the lives of  five Palestinian patients in Israeli hospitals. Two of the organs were given by Israelis. Two Palestinian women underwent surgery that saved the lives of their children at the Hadassa Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem.

Does medical education in Israel
2000 Palestinian doctors participated in conferences and educational programs in Israel and abroad. In addition, 118 Palestinian doctors worked a year at Israeli hospitals as part of their internship training.
– We hope to educate Palestinian doctors and improve the Palestinian medical science and to strengthen cooperation. Health is another issue, Israeli and Palestinian doctors are friends. They use medicine as a bridge for peace, says Bassa.

The goal is that the Palestinians themselves can manage on their own
Civil administration is working to improve the Palestinian health system, says Bassa.
– We hope that the Palestinians will be able to treat their own patients. To treat a Palestinian in Israel requires special documentation and is a burden for the patient’s family, she explains. Therefore it is important to create a new generation of physicians of high quality who will open the great hospitals.