1 in 3 Norwegians say that Israel’s actions gives them a poorer perception of Jews

21-03-2012 14-29-17

lifted from miff.no (but not widely reported in Norwegian press)

Norwegians let, more than other Europeans, their attitude to Jews be affected by actions undertaken by Israel. No one explains more violence against Jews in their own country with anti-Israeli attitudes.

By Conrad Myrland

The American organization Anti-Defamation League published disturbing results from a poll conducted in ten European countries on the 20th March.
One of the questions posed to the respondents was: Is your attitude toward Jews affected by the actions undertaken by the State of Israel? 39 percent of Norwegians say yes.France stands out positively, only 12 percent of the French said yes to this . On average, 28 percent of the respondents confirmed this view in the poll. (See graph on the top of the article.)
A  follow-up question to those who said yes was: Has your attitude to Jews improved or worsened?
78 percent of Norwegians  say it “worsened”, beaten only by Hungary and the Netherlands. All in all, 30.42 percent of Norwegians  believe Israel’s actions lead to a poorer perception of Jews.
But it is in the answer to the next question that Norwegians really stand out. We claim to a much greater extent than other Europeans that violence against Jews in their own country is a result of anti-Israel attitudes and anti-Jewish attitudes. 56 percent believe violence against Jews in Norway due to anti-Israeli attitudes, only 19 percent believe it is due to anti-Jewish attitudes.

Other Europeans responded to the following question – Is the violence being directed against Jews in your country a result of anti-Jewish attitudes or anti-Israel attitudes? – in the following manner (see link to article to find graphs)

The figures are disturbing and should serve as a wake up call for  politicians and journalists who unfairly and in an unrestrained manner pour out criticism and condemnation of Israel. In the wake of their campaign, which creates a false image of Israel, there could be consequences that would be at least as bloody for Norwegian Jews as the horrific attack in France earlier this week.

Anti-Semitism revealed
Monday 19th March, we received the shocking news from France. A 30-year-old teacher and three small children were shot dead at close range outside a Jewish school. First, it was reported that neo-Nazis were behind the attack, but when this article is published on the afternoon of Wednesday 20 March, police have surrounded the residence of a French Islamist. Mohamed Merah has been radicalized while traveling to Pakistan and Afghanistan, according to France’s interior minister.
It is probably correct – but Europeans don’t need to go to Asia and the Middle East to learn hatred of Jews. Anti-Semitic attitudes in ten European countries, are at a worryingly high level according to the poll by the Anti-Defamation League. Much of the population of Europe accepts classical prejudice against Jews, for example, that Jews have too much power in business, are more loyal to Israel than their own country or  are “talking too much” about the Holocaust.
– Anti-Semitism is at a high level throughout the continent, and infects many Europeans in a far greater extent than we see in the United States, said Abraham H. Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League.

Norwegian figures
58 percent of Norwegians believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than their country of origin, but only 21 percent believe Jews have too much power in business. British and Norwegians are the Europeans who are the least likely to believe that Jews talk too much about the Holocaust. Only about 1 of 4 Britons and Norwegians have this opinion. In Hungary, all 2 of 3 who think the Jews exaggerate the focus on the Holocaust.
Are the Jews responsible for the killing of Christ? – 19 percent of Norwegians said they “strongly agree” or “somewhat agree” with the statement. This is around the level in other European countries, except Hungary and Poland. Here it is twice as large a proportion of the population that hold Jews responsible for killing Jesus.

Other results from the ADL poll can be found here