MIFF: a father joined us when he discovered that funds generated through “operation A Day’s Worth” funds Palestinian terror

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Not worth a day’s worth

Students at Lambertseter high school worked a days worth and generated funds for a Palestinian organization that wants to ‘liberate Palestine’. One father joined MIFF once he learned what lurks behind the fine words the organization uses to present itself  to foreign supporters.

Students and parents at Lambertseter High School were told  that the proceeds from the campaign will go to The Society of Inash Al Usra (Help our people).
A father at the school contacted the MIFF and asked: Is this organization is worth a day’s wages?
A look at the page he linked to can give this impression. Here we are talking about a volunteer organization that provides education and welfare benefits and more.
But a quick search online reveals disturbing information.

The founder critical of the Oslo process
Inash Al Usras history is closely linked to the female Palestinian politician Samiha Khalil, who built up this welfare organization from 1965. In 1996 she was the only one who challenged Yasser Arafat in the election to the leadership of the newly established Palestinian Authority (PA). But Khalil was not a modest challenge to Arafat, she criticized him for the then peace process with Israel and was critical to the Oslo Accords. Khalil got about ten percent of the vote.
In the 1980s the Khalil was arrested by the Israelis six times for inciting violence. Two of her sons were in Israeli prisons and was later deported. All this according to the Norwegian Wikipedia article on Samiha Khalil.

Current management aims to ‘free Palestine’.
It was Farida Amad who took over the leadership of Al Inash Usra when Khalil died in 1999. 10. April 2011, she received a German group in the organization’s headquarters in El Bireh.
“Maybe we cannot liberate Palestine for fifty, eighty or a hundred years, but I am one hundred percent convinced that there will come a day when we get it back,” Amad is supposed to have said, according to the minutes of two of the German guests.
MIFF forwarded these two links in our brief response. “The answer to your question is thus a clear NO,” we concluded. Inash Al Usra is not worth a day’s paid work for a Norwegian school pupil.
The father who contacted us from Lambertseter high school apparently agrees with the MIFF.”I’m so impressed with you! Thank you for the job you are doing! I’ll sign up right now! “He replied.
There is little doubt that Inash Al Usra do much good for disadvantaged Palestinians, but the leaders’ political attitudes do not seem to include the desire for peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Standing behind the PLO Charter
To her dying day Khalil was member of the Palestinian National Council, the legislative body of the PLO. “Armed struggle is the only way to liberate Palestine and is therefore a strategy and not merely a tactical phase,” the PLO’s charter adopted in 1968 states. It is unclear whether Khalil was a member of the assembly when the Charter was first adopted, but she supported it until the end. PLO’s Charter still unchanged, presented at the official website of the Palestinian observers at the UN .

False illusions
The headmaster of Lambertseter high school reviews the Palestine project in an article on the school website. He writes:
Today, Wednesday 21 March, our students put in a day’s worth for “Project Palestine”, where most of the school’s students gave a working day to collect money for the Palestine Fund to be managed by the council at the school. The funds will be used to support humanitarian and educational projects in Palestine. This year we will give a sum for a women’s center in Ramallah and the funds will be used to give more girls education.
Let’s hope these girls are trained to a future with Israel, and are not fed with false illusions about sometime in the distant future, “to liberate Palestine.”
If anyone should wonder which “Palestine” Farida Al Amad and Inash Usra wants to liberate, this is clearly stated in the PLO Charter, Article 2: “Palestine with its boundaries that were in force under the British Mandate, is an indivisible territorial unit. ”
Students at Lambertseter high school did not work for a two-state solution on Wednesday. They worked for a future without Israel.