Sidsel Wold, never to be confused by facts

As expected, there is a lot of praise for Günter Grass’s missive in rhyme against Israel’s imagined plans to annihilate Iran with a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

One interesting perspective comes from Sidsel Wold, for several years the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s correspondent in Israel, famous in Israel mostly for a) halting Hebrew, and b) leeching off Israelis only to stab them in the back afterwards. On Twitter, Ms. Wold wrote:

She writes: “Isn’t it a double standard that nobody demands an inspection of Dimona? While Iran is being pressured by a whole world? Just asking. #grass.”

Sidsel Wold has obviously never heard of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which is only binding upon its signatories. In case Wold reads this, let me explain: Israel is – for better or worse, which is beside the point – not a signatory to the treaty, so it is under no obligation to subject its facilities to IAEA inspection. Iran is a signatory, so in denying such inspection, the government is in violation.  It would be a legal novelty if there is a double standard in requiring a country to fulfill its treaty obligations.

(She also famously claimed that Tzipit Livni was Israel’s first female foreign minister, so basic knowledge is obviously not her strong suit).

But hey, as long as you have the right opinions (and Wold makes sure she always does), it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right facts. Or any facts at all.