Newly minted minister wants to let the Palestinians have a say at the Rio conference

The folly of the Socialistic Left party  seems to be never-ending. No sooner have they chosen a new leader who prior to this had to step down as Minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion for deeply unethical, if not criminal habits with the public purse, and who, as item number one in his new office, bites the hand that fed him, by firing “super minister” Erik Solheim to give space for 3 new nincompoops who sport the Socialistic Left jersey. One of the new ministers, Heikki Holmås, Minister for development and foreign aid, has now been let loose on the greater world, and to judge by a recent tale in Document, where his name was not explicitly mentioned, but inferred with reference to his particular Bergen dialect; in this story, it emerged that he put his own need for a beer before his obligation to represent the Kingdom of Norway in an adequate manner; during a visit to Argentina with the powerful Parliamentary Finance Committee he insulted local Norwegians and his hosts when he cut short a visit to a farm because he wanted a beer.

On his first trip abroad without a chaperone, he once more steps right into it and says that he wants the Palestinians to participate in the Rio Conference:

lifted from Aftenposten:

Wants that the Palestinians to participate in the Rio Conference

Norway welcomes the Palestinians to the  Rio+20 conference in June, minster of Development and Foreign Aid Heikki Holmås confirms.

Alf Ole Ask

Published: 18.apr. 2012 (8:43 p.m.) Updated: 18.apr. 2012 (20:43)
20 years after the first conference on Sustainable Development in Rio, the world’s top leaders meet there again. But far from everybody are welcome if the U.S. can accomplish what Israel wants.

The so-called G 77  (which now consists of more than 130 countries) want it to be an all-state conference, which means that countries who are members of at least one UN delegation may  attend. These were rules that were applied to Switzerland before the country was admitted as a United Nations member.
– Norway supports the idea that the Palestinians must be involved if this to be an all-state conference, Heikki Holmås said at a press conference in New York Wednesday.

But the United States takes a different position, namely that it shall not be open to non-UN member countries. This delicate diplomatic / political battle fought by deputy representative. Neither Israel nor the PLO / The Palestinian Authority participate directly in this tug of war, sources close to the negotiations said.

Holmås could not say when a clarification is expected.

Wants membership
The Palestinian Authority’s stated goal to join international organizations. Their goal of UN membership crashed.

But they have become a full member of the UN organization UNESCO, with the result that the U.S. will no longer support the organization financially.

The Minister is in New York to meet with several leaders in the UN system.

Holmås attends the conference together with Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and Minister of the Environment Bård Vegar Solhjell.

Peace deal first
Israel does not want any political step that resembles a kind of recognition of the Palestinian state without having negotiated a lasting peace agreement with the necessary security guarantees. The Palestinians  on the other hand believe they have come so far in their state building that they should be allowed to apply and join organizations like the UN and others.

Holmås says that it will be sad about these procedural issues will overshadow the conference content.

I am amazed (well, not really, after all this is a Socialistic Left twat) at the ignorance here, after the UNESCO fracas it should be very clear that allowing the Palestinians to sidestep all their obligations, if not to say to be allowed to lie their way into international organizations with their preposterous claim that they have advanced greatly in their nation building. If that is so, how come there Abbas can not visit his own home in Gaza and why are the Fatah and Hamas at each other throats with more blood thirst than when they attack Israel? And if they are so advanced, how come all state leaders who are in any remote way engaged with the peace process are so deeply concerned that unless the world continues to pump billions of dollars into this non-entity, it will simply collapse.

The comparison to Switzerland is inappropriate, to put it mildly.

I would suggest the good minister to learn better behavior skills than what he showed on his Argentine tour, and while he is in Rio, he might want to raise the issue of the new law recently adopted by the Brazilian government, which in essence allows landowners in the delicate Amazon region to chop down as many trees as they like. That makes a lot more sense than clouding the issues more by insisting that a non-entity gets to whine its way into international organizations.