Bugger you, Breivik

Breivik has mentioned one song  that inspired him – in a small way one must think – to committ his heinous crime. It is a very popular children’s song which was particularly much played in the 70ies, the rainbow children. Contrary to what that freak believes, it is not a song about muliculturalism, simply about equal rights, in a language suited for young children.

Beyond the irreparable damage and immense sorrow he has caused so many innocent people, there is also a personal angle here: I am a walking talking multiculturalist, being both an emigrant and immigrant, I too carry many different cultural bits in my personal baggage, and belonging to a religious minority, your attack on multiculturalism is, in a very small way (compared to those who paid the ultimate price), also an attack on people like me.

A woman has taken the initiative to organize a mass sing-along of this children song tomorrow. As I shan’t be able to be there, I add my voice to the choirs here ( even if off topic for this blog.

So here is a song for you, Breivik, I hope it makes you feel like a loser!

www.youtube.com/w…28 Feb 2009