1st of May – an anti-Israel hate fest

This is how the Secretary of the Labour Youth Organization in Hedmark chose to reflect on the May day celebrations. Syria? what Syria?


AUF-Flammen i Rosa 2012 05 02

John Magne Pedersen Tangen

The Israeli occupation of the Palestinian land areas must cease, now!

In the spirit of May the 1st and the international solidarity day I wish to highlight a conflict we cannot forget. We must make action in Israel-Palestine now, and not tomorrow! An initiative to make a change in this area will save lives, it is to display brotherhood. What we need is a political will to show a difference.

While celebrating the Labor movement’s struggle for freedom and solidarity; Israel continues its occupation of the Palestinian areas. Israel continues to construct against international law the wall, illegal settlements are continuously expanded, Palestinian housing is demolished and civilian lives are lost. It is not realistic to expect a people experiencing to be incarcerated to be willing to work for a peaceful solution.

Nor can we believe the Palestinian people to sit quietly watching as Israelis imprison and tortures innocent Palestinians. We cannot expect anything more than this leading to more violence. Here we are in a situation in which violence breed violence.

And we can therefore do nothing but condemn the actions of Israel!

We, you and I, have a duty to tell about this injustice: We have a duty in the name of solidarity to support both Palestinians and Israelis struggling for peace.

Violence will never cease unless the occupation ends. Today, we are aware of no lasting solution to the conflict unless Israel withdraws from the Palestinian areas; and there neither can nor will be any peace before Palestine is recognized a sovereign state; and Israel withdraws.

Therefore, we demand the demolition of the wall, the cessation of the occupation and the world community doing its solidary duty in recognizing Palestine as an independent state.

The author is the secretary of the Young Labor in Hedmark.