Happy 17th of May

Once more, we gather under our flag to celebrate our freedom.

Each 17th of May,  the Jewish community in Oslo organize a formal and serene  commemoration of Henrik Wergeland, the son of one of the member of the Constituent  Assembly for our Constitution. In its original version, our Constitution was shamed by the  exclusion of Jews and Jesuits in Norway, something Henrik Wergeland fought tirelessly to  overturn. His had work was crowned with success in 1851, 6 years after his death. The Jewish  community erected a memorial soon after his death, in deep gratitude over his tireless struggle  for human as well as civic rights and  freedom.

This year, after the gruesome events of 22 of July, let us just rejoice in the childlike simplicity  and heartfelt joy Henrik Wergeland also inspired us – our  unique way of celebrating  our  Constitution Day – with children armed with flags symbolizing the strong faith we have in  liberal values such as personal freedom and tolerance.