NY Times: Jews discussed the Internet’s dangers, NRK: Jews protested against the internet

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NY Times: Jews discussed the dangers of internet, NRK: Jews protested against the internet.

– 40,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews gathered “to demonstrate – against the internet,” the NRK writes. But the source for this is an article in the New York Times, saying something else: a religious education meeting on the dangers of the internet.

by: Conrad Myrland

It is difficult for Norwegians to understand a different culture, especially the cultural of ultra-Orthodox Jews. As far as Miff.no knows, there is not a single Jew in Norway who is actively living an ultra-Orthodox lifestyle, at least not in public. Only a very few Norwegian Jews have a traditional Orthodox Jewish lifestyle. Most Norwegians are therefore left to believe the media’s image of the ultra-Orthodox.

On Monday 21st of May the NRK drew some new strokes new into our collective image of the ultra-Orthodox. “Orthodox Jews are known to be highly critical of the modern way of life,” the NRK headline states. It fails to distinguish between the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox, however that is a minor issue. “One might questions if there is a topic more futile to protest against than what the ultra-Orthodox Jews did in New York City today,” the NRK journalist goes on.

All of it falls squarely within the stereotypical image. The ultra-Orthodox Jews are reactionary and stupid, fighting a hopeless battle against the modern, here represented by the internet.

Only  further on in the article does the NRK reveal what the gathering was for. They quote spokesperson Eytan Kobre, who explains that the purpose is not to ban the internet, “but to learn how to manage it in the best possible way.” Key words that he mentions include internet porn, gambling and the distractions represented by social media. Kobre also said that many of the participants use the internet.

Not a demo, but a religious gathering

If you read the New York Times, the source cited by the NRK, it is always clear that this was not a regular demonstration, but a public education meeting, a meeting which looked at ways the participants can avoid what their religious leaders and the Orthodox tradition say are some of the pitfalls of the internet. It is evident that these are ordinary people who relate to technology, but who nonetheless are discerning users.

New York Times also says that that outside venue of the public meeting some ultra-Orthodox Jews held a small rally, holding up banners with the inscription “The Internet is not the problem.” The newspaper also says that the organizers of the public meeting is connected to a software company that sells software that can filter unwanted content on the internet and on smart phones. This helps to break the image of the ultra-Orthodox as one big homogeneous group, without the ability to relate to the modern world, however, the NRK has unfortunately not seen it fit to include these details in its story.  Nowhere in the NYT article is it suggested that the ultra-Orthodox Jews demand internet censure  or in any other way demand a way to control society, they are just keen to protect themselves against what they perceive as Internet impurities.

It seems clear that NRK in this case have violated Section 4.4 of the Code of Ethics: ” Ensure that headlines, introductions and announcements  do misrepresent the actual content of the story.

Much more serious than violations of journalistic ethics, they are anti-Semitic reactions such items generates among Norwegian Internet users. At 09.21 on 22nd of  May we copie the following comments have been permitted on NRK.no.

Adolf: Jews, yes, there are there any left then?

Tina: I don’t think a bunch of Jews will  be able to close the internet, the whole thing just seems stupid.

Monsine: there is an arena in North Korea with a capacity of 150 000. Take your demo there and gather more people.

LarZen: Is about  time these people do like the dinosaurs and become history.

Morten: The Jews use the Holocaust as a way of manipulating against anyone who criticizes them. If you are against the settlements, they say that you support the Holocaust. If you say you are opposed to the bigoted, homophobic religion, it also supports the Holocaust. I’m tired of this gore.

Cormorant: Nothing wrong about their religion, but they are dressed like idiots!

Tore Hund: When you also know what these extremists did to Yitzhak Rabin, the more I realize what really is the problem. And it is not the Internet …

Rottatatta: These people here are probably the most useless and socially harmful people that exist. Ultra-Orthodox Jews are a huge burden! These people just sit around all and pray and read the Torah as they criticize and condemn other people who pay for  all their  state support and benefits … Dirty People!

Eric Arnesen: even without reading the whole thing one can with concludes that these people are idiots

Tore Hund: This action tells a clear language about what and who is a danger to world peace .. and that is  not the  internet …

Tore Hund: By what right  do these  people require world dominion?


There are plenty of readers who mixes Israel in with their comments.

Jon Martin Thorsen: if  the Jews want my support, then the state of Israel should comply with human rights!! And certainly also the Mosaic law! ….. You shall not lie, thou shalt not murder, etc.,!!

Fortunately, there are several readers who did figure out what the public meeting was about, and who protest against the NRK’s ​​presentation.

Snoppy:  the resistance to the internet does not seem to go very deep, there are many web pages that cater especially for this, that today have uploaded 100’s of photos from today’s demo … Hehe

Kandutru: Another bad journalist who lies in headline to capture readers …. Incredibly annoying!