NTB’s incomplete version of history

Reporting that some schools on the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip will be offering Hebrew lessons, fake news organization NTB highlights the Israeli “blockade” of Gaza. It may be worth comparing the NTB article with this one from the New York Times, a real but not perfect news organization.

NTB would have you believe: that the blockade has remained in full force since 2007, that the blockade only relates to the abduction of Gilad Shalit (who remains nameless in the piece), and that the Hamas regime is in power as a result of a democratic election. (And if you don’t know what’s false about those statements, send a word of thanks to NTB and NRK for successfully misinforming you).

There must have been a huge argument in NTB about even including the abduction and the fact that Hamas doesn’t recognize Israel. What we are seeing is blatant propaganda as a compromise between news reporting and obscene propaganda. Which is actually above average for NTB.

As it is, this might as well have been a press release from Hamas.