NTB’s incomplete version of history II

A follow up of Kafka’s earlier story, here is the NTB article fully translated:


Aftenposten 2012 05 25


The Hamas government in the Gaza strip will introduce education in Hebrew in Palestinian high schools as of next year.

“We will have a testing period at two schools, one for boys and one for girls, in every one of the seven school circuits in the Gaza strip. Thereby, 14 schools will offer Hebrew education by next year”, says Hamas’ deputy minister of education, Ziad Thabet, to the AFP.

The Gaza strip is under the control of the Islamic Hamas movement.

“We are still under occupation and the occupier is speaking Hebrew and most accessible goods are having Hebrew markings, so it is useful to know the language”, Thabet adds.

The Hamas government refuses to recognize Israel. There has been no Hebrew education in Palestinian schools, neither in Gaza nor the West Bank, since the PA was established after the Oslo accords in 1994.

In 2006, Israel introduced a blockade of Gaza after militants there kidnapped an Israeli soldier. The blockade was strengthened the year after this, as Hamas took over power after winning the elections in the home ruled Palestinian areas.

If there was a George Orwell award for newspeak, this article would have been a candidate for first place!