Antisemitism in Norway, part 1 (of several)

Today,  the Norwegian Holocaust Center published the results of its survey on antisemitism in Norway. We will surely write more about this as we study it closely, but for now let’s look at how Norway’s “newspaper of record” dealt with one central issue: the connection between antisemitism and anti-Israeli attitudes.

Here’s how the report summarized the connection:

The analysis demonstrates a clear connection between antisemitism and attitudes toward the Middle East Conflict: respondents with antisemitic attitudes more often support anti-Israeli statements and disagree with pro-Israeli statements.

Here’s how Aftenposten summarized the same point:

Rapporten fastslår at det ikke er entydig sammenfall mellom kritikk av staten Israels politikk og antisemittiske holdninger.

Unauthorized translation: The report establishes that there is no clear-cut connection between criticism of the state of Israel’s policies and antisemitic attitudes.

This is what is known as a sleight of hand. In fact, the survey doesn’t ask a single question about Israeli policy at all, and Aftenposten’s assertion is nothing but an irresponsible and prejudiced interpretation of the data. But the purpose is clear: to deny through obfuscation the link the report shows is “clear.”