Fire branding debated

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Understandable if fire-branding is connected to anti-Semitism

Boy with Israeli father was burnt with red hot coin at school barbecue.

A 16-year-old boy who participated in a school barbecue was left burns after a red hot coin was placed on his neck. The mother maintains that the attack was caused by anti-Semitism, while others who were present when it happened says it was an accident.
Political scientist Håkon Harket thinks it is understandable that a mother connects a violent episode against her child to earlier anti-Semitic harassment.
– I do not know the details of this case and therefore can not comment specifically about it. But for me it is quite natural that the boy’s mother, put this in a context where her son previously have been bullied because of this Jewish background. Håkon Harket  has written a book about Jew hatred from ancient times and up to the present.
Need to get to the bottom of story
– This incident happened at a school event. How do you think the school administration should deal with this matter?
– It is important to get to the bottom of this story, for the good of everybody involved. The school must use all of its resources to find out what actually happened and what is the basis for the episode. It may well be that this is only about a bully that waved around with a hot coin, but this must be clarified. If, however, is about anti-Jewish attitudes, this must of course be treated in a different way, Håkon Harket says .
Ervin Kohn, the leader of the  Jewish community is concerned that school authorities are not properly investigating this matter.
– We have recently presented our report on anti-Semitism. The report is based on 22 depth interviews. For those children who have been bullied, it is not just the bullying that is the problem, but the attitude of  indifference from adults. It is therefore important that the management of the school investigates the matter properly.
– Is there a danger that “regular bullying” can be presented as anti-Semitic bullying when Jews are affected?
– Of course, but that does not mean you should not take all bullying seriously.  In this specific case I don’t have all the information to be able to comment whether this was an anti-Semitic attack, or other forms of evil.