10 good Norwegians – protesting the circumcision ban proposal

Lifted from Aftenposten.no

It fills me with immense pride that we still have a sizable proportion of our society who will not stay silent, but make use of their social prestige to protest a serious attempt to curtail religious freedom.

A damaging prohibition

A prohibition against circumcision can lead to great difficulties, nationally as well as internationally

by: Jesper Aagaard Petersen, Professor NTNU; Bård Larsen, historian; Audhild Skoglund , folklorist and author;  Barry Hope Slavist and author, Øyvind Strømmen, journalist and author, Ken Jackson, former head of Red Østfold, John Færseth; political scientist and journalist; Bjørn Are Davidsen civil engineer and author, Harald Hauge vicar; Øystein Sørensen professor of history

Published: 21.jun. 2012 (13:29) Updated: 21.jun. 2012 (13:58)

We are neither Jews nor Muslims, and not fighting for the right to circumcise our own children. However, we are strongly opposed to the proposal by the Humanist Association, the Center Party and the Children’s Ombudsman to ban circumcision of minors boys.

We have no trouble seeing how children marked for life because of their parents’ faith represents an ethical challenge, and recognize the right to criticize any religious practice – including this one.
Nevertheless, we consider it highly problematic and ethically questionable to want to ban a fundamental ritual in the Jewish faith. Such a prohibition can in practice be considered to declare Judaism unwanted in Norway, and could also be used as an argument by Jew-haters and Muslim-haters.

It would hurt Norway’s international reputation considerably, but worse is that it would lead to greater exclusion for religious minorities in the Norwegian society.