The plight of Palestinians… living la vida loca in Norway


Dagsavisen 2012 06 26

Aaron Ara

The author claims to be Palestinian, from Jenin, and is illegally resident in Norway. The spelling and orthography is that of Mr. Aro, this text having been lifted directly from Dagsavisen.

Note: this links to his earlier stories.

he Smiled or even laughed at me, and say its over boy, you are Leaving Norway with no return !! i didn’t Believe him i kept my trust on my friends and my support group.

when the Government Decide to deport me , and Police took me , i was thinking so deep , about my life, i first thought i relay have allot of friends, and the
Government don’t listen to them, and all this Action is not Accepted by all my friends, and all they want me to stay in Norway and not Leave.

when i were arrested in Trandum i had allot of thoughts again about it, and very time i got a visit from some one of my friends, and people Who Support me, i was feeling great and happy even in the middle of all the scary Shiitey time i was going through.

when i get Deported first few hours , Specially in the Police Car where they was talking to me and asking me for stuff to get into a conversation with me, while we waiting for the Plain time, a Police men asked me what is your plans, how you gonna do ? i answered him : i follow the Law i don’t have plans to run away, i believe in my Lawyer and my friends they will do some thing to stop the illegal action you are doing now. he Smiled or even laughed at me, and say its over boy, you are Leaving Norway with no return !! i didn’t Believe him i kept my trust on my friends and my support group.

then they moved me to the Airplane with that strange shity cuffs around my Leg, arms and stomach, heavy and hard to wake giving me the filing that i am an Animal going to the killing machine No More.

first i set in that set next to a 3 Police men, and then people started to go in, all they looking at me with that ugly look, i read all there eyes: some of it said : what the hell he did ? criminal, ugly animal,bad boy, garbage, dangerous!!! and some kids looked at me and there Eyes look like they think : why ? ooh No…

when i went into the Airplane i asked the stuff to tell the captain that i am here against my well, they say to me no you are not, i asked them again and again and then they told me ok we will tell him when we move, and they didn’t want to listen to me any more, i started to speak so load and even scream Help Help, Help Help, please they are sending me to my home country where i will be threaten so hard and so bad, please Help me!! all they turn there faces away from me. and the Police men next to me put his hand on my mouth stooped me of talking and then he did some thing with this crazy cuffs made me Compressed i cant even breath to talk.

i arrived to the next Stop, and then its Over, police there is Cooperating with the Norwegian Police, and all agree that i am an Animal. Oslo >>>> Copenhagen>>>> Budapest >>> Amman >>>> and then into the Real action, the intelligence Jordanian Police started there turn fucking my Tie and shitting in my life, 8 hours of questioning. between 7 offices, i asked for Lawyer : the Officer said : don’t think you still in Norway here No Lawyers and you have to answer.

Done in Amman and to the Border, the put me after my Papers is ready in a Public bus asked me for 3 JD and then, the buss driver give me my Passport and ID !!! and he told me: Listen man, they police asked me to Deliver this to the Israeli Army in the next side but since i am Palestinian so i rather given it to you not to them, remove the stick in your Passport and act Normally like others they will not take you to the Israeli intelligence.

I went inside the Border when the buss arrived there, and while i was Waiting, an Israeli Army with his M16 point on me and asked me hey you !! where you coming from” in Hebrew Language” People translate for me i answered Him back in English my favorite Language ” From Norway” he repeat back (from Norvegia aah nervegia) … yes this Accent..i said yes, he asked me for my Passport, i show my Palestinian one i got from the Driver, he looked at me from up to Down and Down to Up, and said with no care any more, OK wait in the line. (( he thought i am not an Arab man, Specially with my Long hair and careless Clothes.

the Solder in the Border who took the passports to cheek it Said to me : Nice Hair in the Picture whey you Cut it ? i said it will come back ! he smiled and says go…, Next Window and angry Women solder asked me where is your Tasreekh (permission) i said i don’t have i just come back from Norway and this is a new Passport, she said wait went into the Office and asked her Boss then she come back after few minutes and said : You Can go.

Real Real Action, i arrived To the Palestinian Border Now, Police Men setting on his office small window asked me for my Passport i give it to him, he said in his Phone : Expected number :137 arrived, another officer arrived and took me with him he were so angry and serious looks like i did a serious issue or even crime.

Next Part Soon Thank you all for Reading , and thanks for all friends who Helped Me. and thanks for all who still trying To Help

Considering that the medicinal ethical board at a hospital decided that they would not interfere/force feed a hunger striking Palestinian woman whose asylum application has been rejected, citing that it is her right to do whatever she wants with her body. Perhaps there is just the tiniest whiff of double standards here?