Trying to stamp out the anti-Semitic fire – ministers now flock to the Synagogue to learn about Judaism

The two following news pieces should be read in conjunction with previous entry to get an impression of the schizophrenic relationship Norway has to Israel and the Jews



Vårt Land 2012 06 28 p 7

Lise Marie Kalstad


The Minister of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs, Rigmor Aasrud (Labor), paid a visit to the Synagogue in Oslo, on the company of a delegation from the Ministry, receiving information on the Jewish faith and culture, as well as on anti-Semitism in today’s Norway.

Comments made by the minister:

(On harassment of Jewish children)

“Norway has turned ever more multicultural, never the less there are many who have experienced something negative over being Jewish. This is thought provoking. It is also surprising (to hear) many children telling about adults around them not taking any responsibility over ending this harassment”.

(On Jewish holidays and kosher meat)

-The minister stated changes to legislation concerning holidays would be difficult; on kosher food she was somewhat more positive. She made no promises, though.

“I do not entirely know how to follow up on this; I shall bring with me these initiatives”.

She ended the meeting by stating:

“If we can contribute with something more, just tell us”.



P4 Radio Nyheter 2012 06 27

Birgitte Malling

The Minister of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs Rigmor Aasrud (Labor) stated her surprise over the amount of anti-Semitism in Norwegian society. She stated this after a visit to the Mosaic Congregation in Oslo on today. Aasrud was told of the difficulties many experiences over being Jewish in Norway today: many children going so far as hiding their Jewish identity.