Summer lull

Dear friends

Summer… but no holidays for me… yet. I have loads of paperwork to plow through before I can pack that bag and head for a nice beach somewhere (rumors have it that I am bound for the Caribbean, primarily business, but I just might bring my bikini and party hat too…)

Therefore, I will take a semi-break the next 10 days, just uploading material that really stands out. Anyway, the Norwegian press is busy telling us where to get legless in the cheapest possible way, AND, simultaneously (one presumes), manage to come home from hols free of any embarrassing STD’s, while our politicians already have packed up for the summer.

I hope all of you will have an enjoyable summer break (or, for South American friends – winter holiday which is coming up soon), and fundamentally, that you will continue to follow this tiny blog also when you come back.

Here is a little something to make you smile, but it is also an allegory on how it feels sometimes to utter prohibited thoughts….