Summer lull still on

Back from my semi-break, which was far from holidays, and trawling papers for news on Israel.

And… there is hardly any… well, there is this odd mention of Olmert being partially cleared (or partially guilty as NRK chose to put it – probably not a distortion of facts, since he was only partially cleared, but interesting choice of words, anyway). Somebody ( I think it was Vårt Land), wrote something on the recent Levy report, which argues that legally, there is no occupation of the West Bank, since there was never any country claiming it before, which has caused no stir or concerns – Støre is away on holiday, and the rest of the government is busy clearing up their mess; it did not go down well at all, a decision to punish students who save for their own apartment while being, er, well, students, and decided to take away some benefits (housing in Norway is a bit of a hot potato these days, a massive bubble waiting to burst!), but were not prepared to face the music and has now changed their minds… again.

But I have read a few articles that really made me think… VG ran an article on the worlds worst dictators, surprisingly there was not one Israeli political leader on that list – only the usual suspects, complete with fact sheets presenting their crimes, in all too bloody numbers.

I wonder what goes through the minds of journalists when they write this… do they regret that they used similar words about Israeli leaders? Or has it dawned on them that after the (flawed) anti-Semitism in Norway report, it now has been documented that 50% of the pro-Palestinian camp are driven by anti-Semitic motives and that makes them look really bad?

It is almost as strange as the silence trendy leftists with a chip on their shoulder have reacted to the story of the Norwegian convert to Islam was participating in terror training camps organized by Al-Qaida; a former child minder and super trendy lefty, who participated in the shameful ant-Jewish riots in Oslo in January 2009…