Pigs are flying – the NRK finally covering Human Rights violations on the Gaza Strip

Although a very brief mention, it appears the NRK has discovered that all is not sun and fun for Gazans who like to have a mind of their own, or even , when accused of serious crime, to be afforded with the right of knowing all the charges against them and to be treated as innocent until found guilty by a court of Law;

Three men were executed on the Gaza Strip

The three were executed by Hamas regime in Gaza after the victims’ families refused to accept blood money.

The authorities in Gaza have executed three men who were convicted of murder. Islamist movement Hamas, which controls the area, reject all criticism of the executions.

The executions Tuesday was consistent both with Palestinian law and with Islamic teachings, a statement from the Interior Ministry in Gaza City said.

The families of the victims refused to accept compensation, so-called blood money, and thus the death sentences were carried out, the statement further said.

In April this year, Hamas regime also carried out three executions. Two of those who then were hanged, was also convicted of murder, but the third was the death sentence for having “collaborated with the enemy” – that is, Israel.

As they say in Spanish, algo es algo – something is something, possibly only a blip on the screen, in particular if you compare with the Norwegian chapter of Amnesty International, they even have a campaign against executions on the strip, and have a much more detailed account of the lives of the three men who were murdered, including a juicy little detail that one of the victims had “confessed” to murder after being submitted to Hamas style torture. It is not only the NRK who is oblivious to such facts, as usual, the Norwegian People’s Aid chooses to focus on other matters, such as the artsy security barrier on the West Bank , where the NPA’s resident fool, Kjetil Østnor, tries his hand as an art critic, rather than slamming human rights violations that take place right under his nose.

But maybe he feels his job is done, now that Egypt is poised to slowly gobble up the Strip, and we are in many ways, back to square one, where Egypt is in charge. Young Østnor may therefore have decided that it is not in his interest to raise these fundamental questions about human rights now that the Hamas idiots, in order to spite their own face, chops off their nose, and hands Gaza right back to Egypt, just to bugger their sworn enemy, the PA.

So it is an obvious no-brainer, lets tell the world about art on the security wall on the West bank, which has helped to save the lives of countless Israelis, who otherwise would have been fed to a never-ending line of suicide bombers (who now sadly seem to have got the point, and have moved their deadly games out of Israel to countries where security is crap) in stead of doing the job one claims to want to do…

It is not only the Norwegian People’s Aid who prefer to let ideology get in the way  of reality; The Norwegian Church Aid is also more concerned with reporting on house demolitions (houses that were built without any type of approval or right) than covering the plight of Christians in Gaza and West Bank. Not a mention anywhere of the Greek Orthodox Archbishop Alexios on the strip and his protest against abductions and forced conversions that have become all the rage among intolerant Islamist thugs, could they not in the very least have sent one of their activists to join in on the sit in which was organized  to protest the plight suffered by Gaza Christians – unless of course, the Norwegian Church Aid was among those organizations that – infuriatingly – told the Archbishop to put up and shut up…