Socialistic Left Party – with no voters left, turn once more to Israel bashing to try to capture perhaps 1 voter

What a sad party this is –  the Socialistic Left party polls have gone from bad to terrible to awful, and now practically decimated and with very little possibility of having even one MP after the 2013 general elections, they are down to their last penny and desperately trying to find even one voter who might be talked into voting for them. Interestingly, this is the only protest against anything in the Middle East so far this summer, which can only be interpreted to mean that the Socialistic Left Party is happy and cheerful about what goes on in Syria. At least they have not made even one public complaint about it – maybe because there are no Jewish to blame there?



Sosialistisk Venstreparti 2012 08 07

Olivia Corso Salles


During the stay of the S/V Estelle in Oslo, members of Storting Akhtar Chaudry and Aksel Hagen kept guard over the S/V Estelle during her stay in Oslo, as described in the website of the Socialist party.


“Millions of Palestinians have through 65 years fought a brutal occupation, and through more than five years the children of Gaza have been denied paper for printing school books”.

Chaudry and Hagen – giving a rats arse about Syria but protesting for Gaza (but not because Egypt closed the tunnels and shut the shop there)

The Members of Storting Aksel Hagen and Akhtar Chaudry, copyright: Socialist Party of Norway.

English Facebook pages of Ship to Gaza.

As for hilarious claims that Gaza has been denied right to publish school books, maybe the ‘right honorables’ could be bothered to check facts before they make a fool of themselves in public, the FM has had to answer why Norwegian tax payers money go towards funding Gaza school books  rife with anti-Semitism? Perhaps they are never there to check their post? They must be terribly busy trying to find even one voter who will vote for them at the next cross roads.