Not much on Israel in Norwegian media

It has been a most unusual summer, with chains of events that have lifted the myopic focus official Norway has on Israel to also take in the nasty neighborhood Israel is situated in. What with self critical oped’s lamenting the tragic effect the lack of interest in autocracies and dictatorships in Israels neighboring countries, now ravaging Syria, and threatening to spill over into Lebanon and even Jordan (Roger Hercz, Dagsavisen)? And while we are on the subject, what about Dagbladet who planted a solid kick in the groins of the Ship to Gaza crowd (including anybody who has joined socalled peace rallies for Palestine, but who have been satisfied with giving a rats arse about the Syrians (or anybody else, in particular those unfortunate enough to live in the Sahel region of the world)?

There has of course been the odd remarkable article, remarkable for its content, sources, and angle; inelegantly, ABC news (no, not the big chain, just a small wannabe Norwegian outlet) plopped right into it, with the following article (only small excerpt)


ABC Nyheter 2012 08 16, Kristine Kleppo


Article stating Israel is guilty of massive human rights transgressions, directed at Palestinian children. The source over this is an NGO named “Defense of Children International” [1], quoted by al Jazeera. The article states the children, 7500 through the last 11 years, are apprehended by night and subjected to mental and physical abuse.

Not only does this pathetic rag serve lies and distortions without checking the facts (google the NGO and you shall quickly see they stink to high heaven for the people that serve on it), but in the post 22/7 climate, have they not heard of moderators? The comments they have let through? It would have made any Norwegian leftie loony proud!

And as usual, the labor affiliated union continues to paint Israel as the main cause of sorrow and pain in the world and lay careful plans for how to brainwash the greatest number of  kids. This is not to be taken lightly, since it is the same union that bankrolls the Labor Party and the red-green coalition and brags about how the coalition very expediently fulfills every wish the  union might have;


Fagbladet 2012 08 13

Martin S. Festøy


This is a report on “Framfylkingen”,the children’s association of the Labor Party, in the magazine of trade union “Fagforbundet, This children’s association recently has held a summer camp. Among attractions have been circus performers from Venezuela, as well as this:

“To the somewhat elder youth having an interest in learning, discussions and seminaries were arranged. Mine clearance overseas and the Palestine question are two important themes which the Norwegian People’s Aid Solidarity Youth raised at the camp. Sexuality and gender is another theme which IMF-SEI Christine Sudbrock from Brussels raised.

‘This is a great family camp where all ages are committed to the Labor movement’s spirit. Children and adults meet friends for life. This is real fun’, says Kristian Tangen, secretary of LO (Norwegian TUC) as well as being the leader of Framfylkingen”.

 So, in this drought of information on Norway, Israel and the Jews, what is a girl to do?

After careful thinking about the express purpose of this tiny blog, I have decided to expand the scope just a little bit. 22/7 was more than a horrid terror attack on all the ideals and principles of our society, but quite a few of our so-called elite were quick to point out what they believed to be an Israeli angle here, and crudely, in the best of anti-Semitic traditions, insinuated that just because ABB pretended to be a Christian with conservative values, there had to be a sinister connection to Mossad, or something like that.

And now, after the trial of ABB, ironically, the political bomb has gone off – though ABB is singularly responsible for the heinous murders he has committed, Official Norway has gotten quite the beating. The 22/7 commission released their scathing report, which placed the political responsibility for failing to implement the Decisions of our Parliament right at the door of our hitherto deified PM Stoltenberg, in particular those related to public security and giving the police the tools they need to actually function as a force to recon with. So far the PM, and anybody else who are remotely related to having positions of political responsibility have dodged the bullet and instead made the fall-guy… well, fall. In a brutal and in fact quite cowardly way, the PM and the minister of Justice Faremo, decided that they had a conflict of interest (in vogue after FM Støre was found having played a sly hand, but eventually managed to avoid any consequences of his unorthodox manner of sharing the nations wealth with close friends), and forced the chief of Police, who only got this job a mere two weeks before the bomb went off, to step down… for lack of support. You can do many things on political Norway, but apparently, you do not get easily off for throwing the innocent guy under the bus. Especially when he is a fellow Labor party member, and wholly unqualified for the job, but the government insisted he should apply so that they could appoint one more of their own in a top job in Norway. News paper editors have howled and once more asked for the head of a senior government minister, but so far, the ministers sit comfortably, knowing that they command a majority in Parliament, and since the red green coalition members are unlikely to want to decimate themselves from parliamentary representation, this is where the situation stands for now. Everybody knows that ABB is the perpetrator, and the only culprit for the heinous crime he committed, but a significant proportion of the electorate have understood that the political responsibility for the lacking resources and unimplemented security measures lie exactly where the 22/7 commission placed it. At the door of the sitting government who carelessly chose to disregard specialist advice on safety and security.

So, in the coming week, unless all of a sudden Israel and Jews once more become the top item, I will share with you the political intricacies in the fallout after the 22/7 report. It is tightly connected to how Official Norway relates to Israel and the Jews. Even if for the moment, the powers that be are fully aware they contrary to their desire, now have become the prey in a hunt that is only going to end at the election in September 2013. We are indeed in for a long and bloody political season!