Union starts to feel the heat, tries to issue a sort of apology… sort of

OK, not quite a cigar, but perhaps finally the various union affiliated knee jerk anti-Israelis start to realize they are smelling like Monday’s morning fish…


LO Aktuelt, issue no 12 of 2012

Editorial, signed Yngve Madsen

“Also, the mightiest NGO of Norway, the LO, has introduced hatred of Jews as a political tool. We do not know why the present leadership of the LO chose to employ their May 1st paroles to convey an anti-Semite manifesto, but it may simply be the result of not having cleaned up after former leadership, whose Leninist misunderstandings introduced the hatred of Jews in the activities for public welfare”.

This quote is from the editorial of Michal Rachel Suissa in the last issue of the magazine SMA info, by the Center against Anti-Semitism. She characterizes both Norwegian People’s Aid and LO as “organizations hostile to Jews”.

She ends up stating “we who are being friends of the Jews must stay on course, keeping on telling the truth where others are silent or distorts facts”.

In the May 1st manifestations, the cause of the Palestinians was again the target of attention in paroles and in speeches. The leader of LO, Roar Flåthen referred to UN resolutions pointing to the actions of Israel being destructive to a peace solution. The main message of the leader of the LO’s speech was a confrontation with the hate culture of today’s society. Flåthen was crystal clear: “We say yes to diversity and no to all racism and intolerance. We must raise a front against hatred”!

Polls have shown hatred against Jews is outspread and increasing in the Norwegian society, This development must be turned around. Anti-Semitism, hatred of Jews and discrimination is totally unacceptable .And the leaders of the LO has a responsibility over fighting the hatred of Jews in work places and in all other arenas where they meet with racism. The schools have a particular challenge when it comes to conveying knowledge and attitudes.

Michael Rachel Suissa is correct concerning truth and knowledge being important, Therefore it is sad the LO and NPA is branded as hostile towards Jews, And this is abhorrent and isolating, Like the Palestinians, the Israelis are in need of friends daring to tell their opinions, Even when it is uncomfortable. They are not enemies, they are the best friends one can have.

union, starting to feel the heat?

Unfortunately, this editorial is illustrated by a cartoon depicting a Mogen David, defaced with a scatological theme.

The union is to be commended for this belated self-insight, however they have no reason to be so self-congratulatory: A friend who wastes no breath on constantly berating and deceitfully exaggerate problems which are quite innocent, or context dependent, is nothing more than a bully who deserves to be put in his place.